How to Get Free Dental Implants in the UK: Clinical Trials, Dental Schools

Looking for ways to get free dental implants in the UK? Dental implants are a very good way to restore your smile when you are missing one, several or all of your teeth. But they are not cheap, which makes many people wonder if they can get free dental implants through the nhs or some other way.

Well, the good news is that there are several ways to access this treatment for free, including:

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  • nhs treatment
  • dental schools
  • clinical trials
  • charity programs and grants
  • However, the demand for free dental work is much greater than the supply, and many patients are unable to access the treatment that would most benefit them.

    Here, we’re going to take a look at how to get free dental implants in the UK and what the alternatives are if you’re having trouble getting accepted into any of these programmes.

    how to get free dental implants in the uk

    first, a reality check. You already know that dental implants are expensive, costing around £2,000 each and over £25,000 for a full mouth restoration. Even if you opt for a cheaper option, such as full mouth implant-retained dentures, you’re looking at £10,000 or more for both jaws.

    And this money doesn’t just go to your dentist; the materials themselves and the tools needed to lay them also cost a lot. therefore, any dentist who offers completely free implants will lose a fair amount of money by doing so.

    This is one of the reasons you don’t see many dentists or even charities giving away implants.

    That doesn’t mean you have to live with missing teeth for the rest of your life because you can’t afford the implant procedure. bridges are a good solution for one or two missing teeth, and dentures can replace a full mouthful of teeth at a fraction of the cost of implants. They have their drawbacks, but they are much more affordable.

    Then read on to learn about your options, but keep in mind that your chances of getting free dental implants in the UK are actually pretty slim.

    can you get free dental implants on the nhs?

    The first place you could go when you need help with health care is the NHS. That’s what they’re there for, right? well, although the nhs provides subsidized dentistry to anyone with a medical need, implants are rarely included in this.

    Most patients with missing teeth can get dentures or perhaps bridges on the nhs, but as long as this treatment is enough to maintain your oral health, there is no reason to be offered implants.


    There are some rare cases where patients can get free dental implants on the nhs (or at least pay a very low fee). these may include patients who:

    • have had oral cancer
    • has lost teeth as a result of facial trauma
    • You have missing teeth due to a genetic condition such as cleft palate or hypodontia
    • cannot wear removable dentures
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      We have a separate nhs dental implant guide that looks at this in more detail, or you can watch a dentist explain the criteria in this short video:

      if one or more of these apply to you, you should speak to your regular nhs dentist about your eligibility for nhs implants. If they think you may be a suitable candidate, your dentist should refer you to your local NHS Foundation for consideration. each trust has different acceptance criteria and may offer implants to a limited number of patients.

      free dental implants by students of a dental school

      It takes years of training for dentists to be fully qualified, and some of that training involves practice. Many of the dental schools in the UK offer free dental work if you agree to have it done by a dental student. All procedures are carried out under close supervision, with an experienced dentist ready to intervene if necessary.

      In exchange for the free treatment, you may have to spend some of your time. You may need to spend three to four hours in dental school for each appointment, and you may need to go multiple times, depending on the treatment you’re receiving.

      Below is a list of some dental schools in the UK and details of how to apply for free dental treatment for students. most perform restorative dentistry, which doesn’t always include implants, but you can check the nearest one for full eligibility criteria. some only allow patients from certain areas, and others will only see people who are not registered with another dentist.

      • King’s College London Dental Institute
      • leeds dental institute
      • liverpool university dental school
      • dundee dental school
      • manchester university dental hospital
      • bristol university
      • university of glasgow school of dentistry
      • newcastle university school of dental sciences
      • General dental hospitals may offer similar opportunities for free treatment with dentists in training or those studying particular specialties. You can find a full list of dental hospitals in the UK here.

        free dental implants with clinical trials in the uk

        Sometimes research institutes conduct clinical trials related to dental implants and other dental procedures. these may be to test new materials and technologies or to compare different products or demographics.

        While you can get free dental implants as part of a clinical trial, you need to make sure you fully understand the risks involved. There may be no guarantees on how long the implants will last, and you may not be entitled to much support if something goes wrong later.

        so where can you find clinical trials in the uk? If you live near a dental school or hospital, you may be able to contact them to register your interest in future research projects.

        You can also check out this registry where the National Institute for Health Research lists trials that are currently recruiting. They also have helpful information for anyone considering participating in a study.

        people in research is another place you can look for dental implant clinical trial programs.

        charitable organizations

        although there are many deserving people, very few charities in the uk offer free dental implants. If you’ve lost teeth as a result of a specific condition, such as cancer of the mouth or cleft palate, you may be able to get support from a charity associated with that condition. but again, the high cost of implants means that it is simply not possible to help everyone who would benefit from them.

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        There are some charities that exist to help fund dental implants for people who really need them. one example is dental implant help, which only caters to people in the south east of scotland.

        You can find a similar local charity in your area, and even if they can’t offer you implants for free, they may be able to help you with the cost.

        Occasionally, philanthropic dentists offer free treatment. this could be in association with a charity or as part of an annual event.

        The best way to find out about these programs and promotions is often to subscribe to local dental clinic mailing lists or follow them on social media.

        other ways to reduce cost

        If you can’t access free dental implants in any of these ways, there are other options you can consider.

        As we mentioned earlier, dentures and bridges are alternative ways to replace missing teeth. They’re not as permanent as implants and may be less convenient to live with, but they’ll still help you worry less about eating, talking, and smiling. many people choose to get dentures or a bridge on the nhs while saving for implant treatment.

        consider traveling abroad

        If you can’t afford dental implants in the UK, have you thought about going abroad? in countries like turkey and hungary you can get implants for 50-70% less than in the uk, without compromising quality.

        Our guide to getting dental implants abroad has more information to help you decide if this is the right option for you.

        obtain a loan or financing

        Most dentists offer payment plans to help patients spread the cost of implants and other expensive treatments. some have no interest, while others charge interest, so check out a few offices near you to see where you can get the best deal.

        You might also consider taking out a personal loan if you’d rather not wait until you’ve saved enough for implants. our guide to financing dental treatment explains more about these and other options.

        We also have a separate guide to cheap dental implants that has more information on how to reduce the cost of your treatment and make implants more affordable.


        Getting free dental implants in the UK is not easy, but we hope the information in this article gives you some avenues to explore. The first step is to talk to your NHS dentist to see if they will refer you for consideration for NHS implants. If not, you can try contacting some local dental schools directly or look into clinical trials.

        If you can’t find a solution with any of these ideas, your best course of action is to look abroad for low-cost implants. The savings offered by dentists abroad can make them much more affordable, especially if you need multiple implants or a full mouth restoration.

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