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If you have any type of protective coverage, like life insurance, critical illness insurance, or income protection, you want to be sure it will be paid for when you need it. that if the worst were to happen, at least you and your loved ones won’t lose sleep over paying the bills.

there when you need us

We exist to be there for you when it really matters. and paying claims is critical to that. we are here to offer you a strong hand to squeeze and hold you when you need us most.

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That’s why in 2021 we pay out the equivalent of £3 million every day, paying out a total of over £1 billion to customers for the second year in a row.

To provide peace of mind for the future, you need someone you can trust. someone you can trust to be there. revive is needed.

life insurance

in 2021 we:

  • paid 99.4% of claims
  • delivered more than £731.6 million
  • settled 43,950 life and terminal illness claims
  • Life insurance makes sure your loved ones are well taken care of in the event you pass away within the term of the policy. it allows you to put down money to help them continue to live life to the fullest or possibly say goodbye to a big expense like a mortgage.

    In 2021, the two most common reasons people applied for life insurance were cancer and cardiovascular disease.

    giving you more so you can live well today

    take out new life insurance with us and from the first day you will have help for your health and well-being, such as having an annual medical check-up or calling a bupa helpline 24/7, at no additional cost, through the line enliven digicare+ app.

    aviva digicare+ is a smartphone app, powered by square health. Please note that app benefits are not part of your coverage. this is a non-contractual benefit, which aviva can change or remove at any time. Aviva DigiCare+ Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy can be found within the app. Of course, the main reason for buying a policy with us is financial protection, you shouldn’t buy a policy just for Aviva DigiCare+.

    critical illness coverage

    in 2021 we:

    • Paid over £309.7 million in critical illness claims
    • people supported with an average payout per claim of £70,917
    • found that more than 50% of claims were for cancer
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      To help lighten the load and make money one less thing to think about, our critical illness coverage pays a tax-free lump sum if you’re diagnosed with or have surgery for a critical illness that meets our policy definition during the policy term and then survive at least 10 days.

      We only cover the critical illnesses that we define in our policy and no others. the policy does not pay on death and coverage will stop when a successful claim is made. We will only pay the full amount of the coverage once and the coverage has no cash value at any time.

      You can spend the money on whatever you need, like paying your bills each month or helping you feel like yourself while you recover.

      In 2021, the top three causes we pay for were cancer, heart attacks, and strokes. cancer claims accounted for more than half of all critical illness claims we pay.

      giving you more for your children

      If you purchase critical illness coverage with us, the Children’s Critical Illness benefit is automatically included at no additional cost.

      In 2021, we paid more than £4.7 million in child benefit claims, helping 244 families with an average lump sum payment of £19,333.

      income protection insurance

      in 2021:

      • we paid over £51.2 million
      • we settled 4,300 claims
      • The average length of a claim was seven years and 5 months
      • 37% of claims were for musculoskeletal issues
      • 21.3% of claims were related to mental health
      • When you’re sick or injured and unable to work, our income protection insurance is there to help. pays a proportion of your lost earnings so you can focus on taking care of yourself.

        more than just numbers

        When life gets bumpy, sometimes you need someone on your side who can help you. That’s why our claims team will be by your side every step of the way.

        And for us, it’s more than just numbers. it’s about helping you navigate a difficult situation with compassion and empathy.

        plush project

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        project teddy launched in 2019 for critically ill clients claiming the children’s benefit. it gives you a little extra boost, which goes beyond just paying your claim. our team takes the time to get to know each family and personally choose a gift to send to each member. it could be a restaurant coupon to help mom and dad take a well-deserved break, a specialized sensory gift for a poor child, or a stuffed toy for a brother or sister in need of a comforting hug.

        in 2021 we send 149 gifts to make sick children and their loved ones smile.

        macmillan cancer support

        We’re working in partnership with macmillan cancer support to speed up cancer claims and help people living with cancer find the expert support they need.

        If you have a macmillan clinical nurse specialist, we will speak directly with them to confirm your diagnosis, rather than waiting for a medical report from your GP. so you have less time to wait for your claim to be resolved, which is reduced from up to 60 days to just a few hours in some cases.

        In 2021, we’re working with macmillan clinical nurse specialists to resolve 244 cancer claims as quickly as possible.

        when we can’t pay

        In some cases, we cannot pay a claim. there are three main reasons why:

        Misrepresentation: It is important that any information you give us when applying for coverage is correct and that nothing is missing. if there is something you have not told us, for example about your health and lifestyle, this could prevent us from paying if you make a claim.

        definition not met: this is when the claim is for an illness that is not mentioned in the coverage or has not reached a point severe enough to meet the criteria of the policy.

        Other: Sometimes our policies have conditions that the claim does not meet. for example, a life insurance policy must be in force for 12 months before we can accept a claim for death by suicide or intentional self-inflicted injury.

        however, because paying is at the core of what we do, in 2021 we only denied 7.6% of critical illness claims, 14.6% of income protection claims, and only 0.6% of life insurance claims.

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