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As a specialist insurance broker, would you like to be able to buy recent, relevant and genuine insurance leads delivered directly and in real time from the internet to your office?

perhaps you’re a personal lines broker seeking non-standard insurance leads, or a commercial lines broker seeking insurance leads for specific classes of business. Perhaps your experience buying insurance leads over the internet has meant accepting a number of leads that are not relevant to your particular area of ​​expertise or, worse, are several hours or even days old and you don’t care. they are useless.

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Not all main insurance providers are the same: quoterack is different. we provide an alternative source of specialist insurance clues for brokers and ifa’s who want just those kinds of “key clue” queries they know they can perform.

quoterack has been designed to provide specialist UK insurance brokers like yourself with immediate, quality opportunities from leads who have a genuine need for quotes for non-standard and non-conventional insurance products and financial services.

We offer over 250 different types of internet generated insurance leads, many of them niche and non-standard, including personal lines leads, business lines leads, life insurance tips : there is no minimum commitment period, no contract, and no advance deposit required. simply register online, select the types of leads you’d like to receive, and that’s it.

“I just wanted to take a minute to thank quoterack for providing me with clues over the last two years.

how does it work?

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it’s very simple: if you are registered and authorized by fca, you have a business landline number and if you can receive business email (other than through a ‘free’ email account like hotmail, yahoo, etc. .), then you may be eligible to receive quoterack leads.

For brokers who prefer to receive quoterack leads as an xml ‘feed’ rather than an email, we can also offer this service; ask us for more details.

quoteRack visitors complete a simple 3-stage online quote request process, which triggers an instant email containing all the information they have entered. This email is sent directly and immediately only to those insurance brokers who have chosen to receive internet sales inquiries for that particular type of insurance risk. This is not a mass marketing setup – each lead is specifically targeted to each intermediary’s requirements.

At a minimum, quoterack leads will provide you with the type of insurance policy required, the lead’s basic contact details, when they prefer to be contacted, and their insurance start date. It will usually also include risk-specific details that will allow you to generate an indicative quote before calling or emailing them back.

You can then contact the potential client by phone or email, to explain your quote and relevant services or email indicative quote details. if the customer decides to go further, close the deal and confirm their preferred payment method.

how much do your leads cost?

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Our insurance prospectus prices are displayed online. go to the broker request page for pricing on over 250 types of insurance prospectuses. You only pay us for leads, no commission, no upfront deposit, no renewal fees.

the quality of leads is monitored

All quoterack leads are quality checked and you are not expected to pay for leads that do not provide a genuine phone number or valid email address. If you get a lead you can’t reasonably contact, let us know and your account will be credited without hesitation. details are available of our invalid lead refund policy.

not sure if quoterack is for you? try our 14-day free trial with no commitment

Our brokers tell us they enjoy working with quoterack and we hope you do too.

If you want to try our service, we are happy to offer you a 2-week trial without obligation, completely free. full details are available here

For details on how to apply to become a listing broker and full pricing information, please visit the broker application page. Alternatively, contact us now on 0333 772 9545 for a no obligation chat on how quoterack can provide you with low cost insurance leads direct from the internet.

see our commercial terms for full details.

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