What does PCN mean on the insurance card?

the pcn is an identifier used for the routing of pharmaceutical payments. this indicator can be numeric or alphanumeric. note that not all providers use it. this means you won’t always find it on your insurance card.

Like all other information provided by an insurance card, the pcn is also considered very important information. We will explain what it is, how to find it and what this identifier is for.

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what is the pcn on the insurance cards?

The pcn is used as an additional identification tool in a pharmaceutical transaction. Its function is to process payments, facilitating the payment of medicines at the pharmacy.

This indicator is commonly used to indicate the difference between medical plans and benefit packages. it is an indicator that is used for trading purposes. therefore, it does not provide information about the policy but rather a payment channel between the insurer and the pharmacy.

where do you find the pcn on your insurance card?

As with the container indicator, the pcn is found on the pharmacy identification card. It is usually clearly visible among the main data of the card.

Not all insurers have adopted this flag and you won’t find it on all pharmacy cards. when this happens, it may be because the insurer uses another type of indicator. In any case, if you have any doubts, it is best to check with the insurance company. You should find out how your insurance pharmaceutical payments are organized and with what indicator it is made.

other important indicators: the container number

the tray number is a very important indicator on a health insurance card. in fact, in some cases, it can serve as a replacement for pcn or as a complement to it.

the container number is a strictly financial identifier. it does not provide policy-related data, but it does notify the pharmacy’s database of which health insurance provider should submit a drug payment request.

is an identifier that was originally a reference to a bank, but does not mean that banks are involved. there are no banks involved since the pharmacy contacts the insurer directly. the pharmacy then knows who to bill: it does not go through any bank.

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In general, these indicators can appear in three different formats:

trash bin

● pcn

● rx

They are usually found on the front of the card on the right hand side. however, there are some differences in the format.

● bin is a six character code

● pcn is an eight character code

● rxgrp is a six character code with two alphanumeric digits

Why are insurance and pharmacy cards so important?

Please note that it is difficult for you to receive medical or pharmaceutical care without these cards. This is the documentation that proves that you are insured and the coverage offered by your health policy.

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From the pharmacist’s point of view, they always ask for the insurance card. it is important to know that the insurance card is not always used for prescriptions. Some insurance companies issue different pharmacy cards. the pcn is relatively common on these cards as it provides the confirmation address for billing.

In other cases, the bin number will be used to determine who should be billed for the medications requested by the member. In addition, depending on the type of drug plan to which the insured subscribes, the insurance card may also provide information about possible copays.

how to read health insurance cards

Generally, health insurance cards will contain information such as:

● name(s) of the insured

● policy number(s)

● Insurance plan identifier(s)

● insurer contact

● copays

● prescription identifier (if included on the card)

Remember, both the insurance card and the pharmacy card are essential to receive medical and pharmaceutical assistance.

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