What is the average cost of renters insurance in texas

Renters insurance only costs a few dollars a month, but it’s well worth the investment. We collected over 100 renters insurance quotes to find the best renters insurance companies in texas.

find affordable renters insurance in texas

The cheapest renters insurance rates in Texas come from Lemonade, where a policy costs $151 per year. that’s $68 per year cheaper than the state average.

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there is a substantial difference in price between renters insurance companies in texas. The most expensive renters insurance company, Allstate, costs more than twice as much as the cheapest option, Lemonade. That means Texans can save $168 per year by switching renters insurance providers.

best renters insurance for most people: lemonade

lemonade is our recommendation for most renters in texas. offers the cheapest renters insurance in texas at just $13 per month, which is 31% cheaper than the state average.

Lemonade also offers texas renters an intuitive online experience – it only takes a few minutes to shop for a policy or file a claim. According to Lemonade, 30% of claims are handled instantly, which is probably one of the reasons j.d. power gave the company the second best score in its annual customer satisfaction survey.

However, Lemonade received nearly twice as many complaints as similarly sized competitors, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). And Lemonade doesn’t currently offer car insurance in Texas, which means renters can’t bundle their car and rental policies.

best customer service: amica

amica is the highest rated renters insurance company in texas. The company receives only one-third as many complaints as similarly sized insurers, according to the NAIC. That means the majority of Amica-insured renters are happy with their experience working with the company. it also received high marks from the editors of valuepenguin based on its policy offerings, customer service reviews, and the value it offers renters.

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plus, amica offers the second cheapest renters insurance quotes in texas. a policy costs $16 per month, or $187 per year, on average. that’s $32 per year cheaper than the state average.

best apartment renters insurance: liberty mutual

liberty mutual offers affordable rates for people in texas who rent an apartment. apartment renters pay an average of $10 per month, or $116 per year, for $25,000 of personal property coverage. liberty mutual also gives you the option to share a policy with your roommates, which can save you money compared to buying two separate policies, a feature not all insurers offer.

liberty mutual’s customer service experience gets mixed reviews. The insurer receives fewer claims than expected based on its size, according to the NAIC. however, he scored below average in j.d. Power’s annual customer satisfaction survey, indicating that policyholders were dissatisfied with their experience.

In addition, renters can only insure a maximum of $25,000 of personal property with freedom mutual. that’s pretty low for a home, but might be enough coverage for apartment renters. We recommend doing a home inventory to help determine the amount of personal property coverage you need before comparing quotes.

renters insurance in texas: rates by city

By comparison, renters in Denton have the cheapest renters insurance among major cities in Texas: $182 per year, on average.

Proximity to the coast can have a significant effect on your renters insurance rate. That’s because coastal weather can cause a lot of damage, which is expensive for insurance companies. We reviewed renters insurance quotes for 25 of the largest cities in Texas, with three of the most expensive (Houston, Pasadena, and Corpus Christi) located along the coast.

the best renters insurance in texas

Tenants are happy with amica’s customer service experience: The company receives fewer complaints than similarly sized insurers, according to naic’s complaint index.

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Choosing a renters insurance company with excellent customer service is essential. An insurer with excellent customer service will be there to answer questions and help you navigate your policy, which is especially important when your property is damaged and you have to file a claim.

Active duty military, veterans and their families can also find great service with usaa. however, not all Texans are eligible to purchase a policy.

what does renters insurance cover in texas?

Almost all renters insurance companies provide all of the following basic coverages. If you’re looking for a renters insurance company that doesn’t offer these coverages, you may want to look elsewhere.

Also, many renters insurance companies offer optional coverages that you can add for a fee. Here are some key optional coverages to consider when shopping for renters insurance:


To find the best renters insurance in the state of texas, we collected sample renters quotes in 25 of the state’s largest cities from six major renters insurance companies. quotes are based on a 30 year old single man who lives alone and has never filed a renters insurance claim.

We collect quotes based on the following coverage limits:

To compare apartment renter quotes, we collected quotes from 10 of the largest cities using the limits above. Liberty Mutual’s quotes were based on $25,000 of coverage, the maximum amount offered by the insurer.

customer service ratings determined based on j.d. power’s annual customer satisfaction survey, our own valuepenguin editor’s rating, and the national association of insurance commissioners’ (naic) complaint index.

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