I have insurance on my iphone what does it cover

What you don’t need to tell her is that apple products tend to be expensive and their iphones are getting more expensive with each generation. Since no one has yet mastered shatterproof phones, or even shatterproof screens, all that money could be wasted if you don’t have insurance. That’s why it’s good to be covered, but it’s also important to know what you’re paying for.

There are many different types of iPhone insurance, including AppleCare+ from Apple, but while one policy may cover water damage, another may leave you stoned and not so dry. Read on to learn what you need to do to make sure your iPhone is covered.

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  • why do i need an iphone case?

    if you just spent a lot of money on the latest and greatest iphone, the last thing you want is a cracked screen ruining all those fancy pixels. Plus, like a new iPhone, it’s more likely to get stolen. Sure, it’s probably too big to lose, but you never know. insurance is the best way to cover all those terrible possibilities and leave you with the peace of mind that the best mobile phone insurance policies offer.

    what does insurance cover for iphones?

    Many standard phone insurance policies will cover you out of the box for the basics like loss, theft and breakage. but it’s when you get into the finer details that you need to look a little closer.

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    Some policies may not cover water damage and others may charge a large excess to get a new device. This can be especially annoying if you just cracked your screen and only need to fix that part, but then have to claim a policy which will then mean higher premiums in the future.

    so make sure your policy covers theft, loss (which may not include when you’ve left your phone unattended in public), screen damage and water damage, plus unauthorized calls or app purchases made when the phone is not with you. Also make sure the deductible is not too high – some policies offer a separate lower deductible just for the screen without having to make a full claim. apple itself actually covers this quite well…

    what does applecare+ cover?

    apple’s own coverage plan, called applecare+, is a policy that is specifically targeted at damages. so this won’t cover loss or theft, but it can help if you have a cracked screen.

    This offers a £25 deductible to repair the screen and can be done twice a year. or, for any other damage, there is a one off £79 deductible to repair it as well. this latest policy even means you can get a new battery if yours drops below 80% of original capacity.

    how much does insurance cover for iphones?

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    In addition to the above charges, there are many insurance options and they all vary depending on the model of iPhone you are insuring. the higher the capacity will also affect the price, since the phone will be worth more.

    Policies range from £70 per year to £180 per year. At the time of writing, for example, to cover an iPhone XS, you’re looking at around £100 to cover it for the whole year, or £10 a month if you want to spread the cost.

    Some good insurance options include protect your bubble, insure2go, and gadget cover. but you could also use your home insurance (although that won’t cover you once you’re out the front door), or look into a policy from your bank or even the supermarket.

    Discover everything you need to know about coverage and prices in our iPhone insurance guide here.

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