Letter to Insurance Company Placing a Claim

Insurance claims can differ greatly depending on their nature and the reason for the claim. Some claims may only be for smaller sums of money, for example, a lost luggage item from your vacation trip abroad. very often you will buy replacement luggage and then claim for damages.

However, in more serious cases, such as your entire home being flooded due to faulty water main maintenance, the damage can run into the hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds and it is important that you are able to claim your insurance and get paid as soon as possible so you can get the repairs done.

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so sooner rather than later is always the best policy when it comes to writing a letter to claim your insurance. however, writing a letter alone is not enough, and your claim could be delayed if you do not also provide relevant supporting information.

This may include full details of the events giving rise to the claim, photographic evidence, police crime reports, estimates, estimates, medical reports or expenses, or signs showing repair costs, etc. therefore, as soon as you have gathered all the documents and any other evidence to support your claim, then you should write your letter. You should also be aware that some insurance companies require you to file your claim within a specific timeframe or your claim may be voided.

how to write the letter

Remember to include all the details the insurance company has asked you to provide, so include your name, address, policy number, etc. If you forget to include the information they have specified or have forgotten to check a box on a claim form, they will likely return the entire contents of your letter and ask you to make corrections, thus delaying your claim.

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You must state what exactly you are claiming, how much you are claiming (or how you want the company to rectify the matter), and a reasonable time frame for the company to respond and resolve the claim to your satisfaction. Thanking the recipient in anticipation of his help is also a nice way to end the letter and also shows that he is looking for and expecting a satisfactory response.

Here is an example of a letter claiming for medical costs covered by a travel insurance policy.20px break

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20px breakPolicy Number – SVL00453

dear sir or madam,

I would like to make an insurance claim under the terms and conditions of my travel insurance policy (previous policy number). recently while on vacation in dubai i severely sprained my ankle as a result of tripping on loose pavement which resulted in me attending the a&e department of the local hospital where my ankle was bandaged and given a prescription for a painkiller.

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For this treatment I was charged the equivalent of £180 and I have attached the invoice here. contains the date, the name of the doctor who treated me, the address of the hospital I attended and the details of the injury I sustained along with the time, date and place, when and where the injury occurred and also the cost of treatment (in United Arab Emirates dirham, which is the local currency). I have also attached the medicine receipt which gives you all the details of the pharmacist I bought the medicine from and also their costs.

Under the terms of my travel insurance policy, I understand that I am responsible for the first £50 of any insurance claim I make. therefore, to the best of my knowledge, I intend to claim the remaining £130 as a result of costs incurred.

I trust you can resolve this complaint quickly and I am writing to request that you do so within 30 days of the date of this letter. I look forward to hearing from you and if you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your cooperation.


toby anson

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