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Q1: What happens if I have a high deductible?

r: there may be options! contact [email protected] for more information or call 860-486-4705.

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Q2: What is the cost of crisis services?

a: shaw – mental health provides free mental health crisis services; These services are not billed to insurance. If you have a crisis or an emergency, call us right away (860-486-4705); If you are in a serious, life-threatening emergency, skip shaw-mh and call 911.

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Q3: Why would I be assigned an apprentice (i.e. a pre-licensed professional) and not a licensed vendor?

a: Our trainees work closely under the supervision of a licensed shaw mental health provider. clinical services provided by interns are not billed to insurance; $15 per session fee applies. For students where cost may represent a barrier to attendance, assignment to a trainee may be appropriate.

$15 apprentices and insurance copay, no charge on fee bill if paid at time of service.

p4: what could my parents see?

a: They may see “Miscellaneous Health Services Fee” on the fee bill and may see an EOB (Explanation of Benefits). If you are concerned about what your parents might see, please contact a Shaw-MH professional for further discussion. if you are the insured person (for example, you paid for your own insurance), your parents will not see any information.

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q5: what is an eob?

a: the eob is a record of the fee the doctor requests, the copay you pay, the amount the insurance company agrees to pay the provider, and any remaining amount to be written off or billed to you, the patient. An EOB is a lot like an invoice, because it is a detailed report of the billing process. this document may indicate the type of service provided, but does not include detailed clinical information. the person responsible for paying the bill (often the policyholder), will receive an eob.

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p6: How specific does an EOB describe what service was provided? for example, does it always say mental health or psychiatric therapy?

a: eob does not say mental health, just the service code. note: eob is for billing purposes only and does not share diagnoses or identify types of care in language such as mental health.

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q7: how is the copay managed?

a: Students can pay on the day of service, either with cash, credit or husky bucks, or pay later via student fee invoice. When your insurance benefit has a deductible and/or coinsurance, we will submit the claim to your insurance.

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q8: what insurances are accepted?

a: We are currently a participating provider for most plans from aetna, blue cross/blue shield, cigna, ct medicaid (husky a, b, c and d), oxford, united healthcare, and united behavioral health. In addition, the University of Connecticut (BOAT) Wellfleet Cigna Student Health Insurance Plan administered by Consolidated Health Plans, Inc.

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Q9: What if I have a Federal Pell Grant?

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a: Students are responsible for informing Shaw’s front desk staff if they receive a Federal Pell Grant at the time of scheduling their first appointment. verification is included in the “credits” section of the term fee bill in your administrator account located at: https://student.studentadmin.uconn.edu > uc student financials > term fee bill online term.

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Q10: Do I need to present my physical insurance card?

a: At the shaw-mh portal, a student can upload their insurance card before the appointment or they can bring it in person

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Q11: Will I be charged if I don’t show up for my scheduled appointment?

r: yes. If you do not cancel a scheduled appointment 24 hours prior to the appointment time, you will automatically be charged $15.00 on your student fee bill. Please contact Shaw – Mental Health at least 24 hours before your appointment if you need to cancel or reschedule so we can offer that time to another student in need.

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Q12: What is the typical processing time for items to appear on a fee invoice or EOB?

a: can be as soon as 24 hours or up to two months.

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q13: who can see my mental health information? How do I give someone permission to discuss it?

a: Once you turn 18 in the United States, no one will be able to access your confidential mental health information unless you give your explicit permission to do so. Students can give their permission for a mental health care provider to discuss their mental health with another person or provider by completing a form called a release of information, giving legal permission for any disclosure.

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