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When your car is damaged in a serious accident and you file an auto insurance claim, the insurance company assigns a claims adjuster to review your case and make an assessment of your car’s total damage and repair costs . The auto insurance company will decide whether to total your car if the cost of repairs reaches a certain percentage of the total value of your car.

in case of an accident, you may be asking questions. What does it mean when an insurance company totals a car? Can I ask the insurance to destroy my car?

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We know it can be frustrating to find answers to questions like this, so we’ve done the research for you. Read on to learn everything you need to know about a totaled vehicle, how insurance companies determine whether or not to total your car, and more.

before you answer, “can I ask my insurance company to destroy my car?” Make sure you have the right coverage for your situation so you’ll be prepared if you need to total your vehicle using your zip code to get a free auto insurance quote.

can I ask my insurance company to destroy my car?

You’re probably wondering, “how can I total my car through my insurance?” After an accident, you can ask your insurance company to destroy your car, but they have a specific formula and approach that determines whether or not they will actually do it. There is no best way to totalize a car for insurance purposes as it is left to the discretion of the insurer. In the next few sections, we’ll cover how insurance companies declare a total loss and what you can do to influence their decision.

what value do insurance companies use to total a car?

Insurance companies often use a total loss formula (tlf) to determine whether or not to total a vehicle. Basically, companies compare the estimated cost of repairs plus salvage value to the actual cash value (ACV).

Insurance companies calculate your vehicle’s ACV by determining the price and value of your vehicle (often using sources like Kelley Blue Book).

Contact your claims adjuster for the estimated valuation of your vehicle. you’ll want to compare this estimated amount to the actual value of your car.

How much damage does it take for insurance to total a car?

To understand how much damage a total loss means, you’ll need to know your insurance company’s approach to the phone, which you can discuss with your claims adjuster and insurance agent. You’ll also need to be familiar with the laws in your state, which ultimately set the thresholds within which the insurance company must operate when determining total loss.

This table summarizes the total loss thresholds in each state.

As you can see, total loss thresholds vary by state. for states with an established threshold, the result of the tlf formula must be equal to or greater than the established percentage for a total loss to be declared.

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Why won’t the insurance company total my car? most likely because the phone did not meet the threshold set by the state (or the insurance company, when the state does not define a set percentage).

Can I negotiate with the insurance company?

If you think the cost of repairs your auto insurance company has set is too low (which will affect whether or not your vehicle is declared a total loss), you can get another estimate on your own.

In general, the estimate you present to your insurance company is more likely to carry weight if it is an average of several auto repair shops in your area, at which point the insurer cannot say that your repair estimate it’s not reasonable.

It’s important to know how to negotiate with auto insurance loss adjusters about your car’s total loss settlement. nolo provides the following tips:

  • Do your research and find out how much your auto insurance claim is worth
  • do not immediately accept the claims adjuster’s first offer
  • if the offer is low, ask for an explanation before giving your answer
  • once you’ve outlined the facts, focus on the emotional arguments
  • conduct all settlement negotiations in writing (and get the settlement in writing as well)
  • You want to have a record of the communications so you know the exact rationale for the settlement amount and why the insurer made the decision they did (declare your vehicle a total loss or not). It’s important to keep this in mind when learning how to totalize a car with your insurance.

    This negotiation is also key to getting a new car after a total loss because it’s important to make sure you get a fair settlement, which can help you pay for a replacement vehicle.

    Depending on the value of your vehicle, you may want to hire an attorney to negotiate with the insurer so you can be sure you are getting the best possible claim solution for your situation.

    what if I’m the driver at fault?

    If you are at fault in a crash, your own auto insurance policy will cover physical damage to your vehicle. depending on how the damage occurred, your comprehensive auto insurance or auto insurance with collision coverage will apply.

    if you have an actual accident, your collision insurance would be how you recover the cost of repairs, whereas if your vehicle was damaged in some other way (weather, vandalism, etc.) your coverage Comprehensive the policy would cover the repairs.

    The limits of your comprehensive insurance or collision coverage will determine how much your insurer must pay for your claim. If the damage to your car exceeds your policy limits, you’ll have to pay the rest out of pocket.

    what about the claims process?

    Under your current policy, you will need to follow the process outlined by your insurer to file a claim. But if you’re looking for new coverage, you should ask a licensed insurance agent how a company you’re considering handles claims before deciding whether to buy a policy from them. You can also ask auto insurance companies how they negotiate settlements to get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir settlement and negotiation policies and tactics.

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    In addition to finding the cheapest coverage, you’ll want to make sure you’re working with an auto insurance company that honors its policies and is known for processing claims effectively. You’ll also need to consider their reputation for customer service, as well as the coverage options available.

    For example, some auto insurance companies offer more discounts than others, which may actually lower your rates more than you might expect.

    what to anticipate after an accident

    then you’ve been in an accident, you know your vehicle requires extensive repairs, and you’ve filed a claim. Whats Next? how do you totalize a car? what is the easiest way to total a car? You will receive notification from the company that a claims adjuster has been assigned to your case, and you should direct all questions about your claim to them.

    But how do auto insurance companies determine total loss? When does a car insurance cancel? Is there a difference between how a no-fault total loss car situation is handled and a no-fault total loss car situation? Please read the following sections for the correct ways to total a car with insurance.

    what types of insurance do you need for adequate coverage?

    First, it’s helpful to understand the types of auto insurance coverage you might be dealing with and how they might help you if you’re involved in an accident or some other incident involving your car.


    Liability insurance (bodily injury and property damage liability coverage) is required in most states and covers another party’s damages in a car accident you caused.

    Collision insurance pays for your repairs and injuries after an at-fault car accident, and comprehensive coverage pays for repairs after an incident that doesn’t involve a collision. this includes weather damage, natural disasters, and vandalism.

    If you add gap insurance to your auto policy, your insurance provider will cover the difference between what you owe on your loan or lease and the full value of your car. If your car isn’t paid for, you should seriously consider adding gap coverage to your policy. you don’t want to pay off a car loan for a vehicle you no longer own.

    car insurance and totalization of your vehicle: what is the final result?

    The decision to declare your car a total loss or cover the cost of the repair will be entirely up to the auto insurance company.

    While you may not want to have your car repaired after a serious accident and would prefer to receive a settlement check for its value immediately after the accident; this decision will ultimately not be up to you.

    You have the right to have your car repaired at the shop of your choice, but the auto insurance company is only responsible for paying a reasonable repair cost for your car. We hope you have found this guide useful on how to total a vehicle with your insurance.

    Before you go, use your zip code to start comparing rates and make sure you’re covered for a totaled car.

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