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Starting an insurance agency is a rewarding small business where you can build significant capital. This guide will provide you with information to help simplify the process of starting an insurance agency that you can call your own. this information will help you reduce your initial expenses and help you avoid making costly mistakes. It will also go over just about everything you need to do to successfully start your insurance agency. the guide will address the following topic:

  • Who should start an insurance agency?
  • what are your startup costs?
  • monthly operating expenses
  • deal with non-compete and non-piracy agreements
  • go beyond non-compete agreements
  • choose the entity type of your agency
  • get an agency license
  • choose the name of your agency
  • make the announcement
  • create a website
  • social media strategy
  • access to online resources
  • quotes from carriers
  • insurance agency networks
  • acquire an agency
  • how to buy business books
  • associations
  • insuring your e&o insurance
  • obtaining an agency management system
  • using other technologies
  • specializations and niches
  • setting up your office
  • plan your agency’s staffing
  • get an insurance education
  • Please take notes as you read this guide and refer to it as needed. For example, under “Choose your agency name,” start typing names that work for your agency. Also, it’s best to take notes after you finish reading each section of the guide, as the information provided will help you make good decisions. The guide also goes over some key strategies, so you really need to think about your own situation to help maximize these strategies to your long-term benefit.

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    Who should start an insurance agency?

    This guide is for those who have experience in insurance, either as a producer or as a captive agent (direct writing agency), and are now looking to start an independent agency. covers just about everything you need to know about launching your own independent agency.

    A prerequisite for this guide is some experience in the insurance industry. those with several years of experience are in a much better position to succeed. Unless you are part of a group that is contracted to provide you with ongoing training and support, starting an independent insurance agency without any experience can be risky. If you don’t have experience, it’s best to get experience first by working for an insurance agency and learning the ropes. Another option is to start with a captive agency program like Allstate or Farmers, which will provide training and assistance to help you launch your insurance agency.

    Here are some resources for those considering the captive agency option:

    • Agency Owner – Allstate Exclusive Agency
    • how to become a farmer agency owner
    • allstate insurance agencies for sale
    • farmers insurance agencies for sale
    • For those planning to start an independent agency, continue reading the rest of this guide.

      what are your startup agency costs?

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      The costs to start an agency can be minimal in today’s virtual technology driven environment. It’s always a good idea to have an office when you’re just starting out, as you’ll want to have as many face-to-face meetings as possible. however, another option is to work from home and visit clients in person and have real-time live meetings online. however, there is nothing like having a physical office, and it is also possible that some business relationship requires you to have an office. Here are some startup costs that will require $5,000 to $100,000:

      at the low end of the range, $3000 assumes you will start making a profit on day one and it will be a very small trade. At the high end, $100,000 takes into account that you’re funding your salary for a year and plan to have staff from the start. By not budgeting correctly at the outset, you can run out of money, putting your agency’s survival in jeopardy. that’s why it’s always better to err on the higher side.

      monthly operating expenses of the insurance agency

      Whether you’re currently a producer or a captive agency owner, your costs are less of an issue than if you owned an independent agency. In the first case, you are being supported by your parent organization for some expenses and items, but an independent agency does not have that support. expenses may vary. While employed growers have the fewest expenses (if any), an independent contractor will have the most expenses to pay. Keep in mind that as an independent agency owner, you’ll earn higher commission percentages than ever before, but running a business and growing it will incur costs. The owner of an independent agency, for the most part, must handle many additional expenses including:

      • advertising and marketing
      • payroll and staffing
      • accounting, legal and professional
      • agency network membership
      • agency management system
      • technology and applications
      • property, civil liability and professional liability insurance
      • loans and interest
      • licenses, permits and taxes
      • office supplies and postage
      • rental (at will or under lease)
      • phone
      • miscellaneous
      • non-compete agreement

        guide to starting an index insurance agency

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