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Companies and their owners have key objectives. most are concerned about their bottom line, making a profit, and most importantly, helping our clients by providing good customer service and solutions to legal problems.

Funeral plans can be a great solution for many clients, but many estate planners overlook them for fear of making it seem like an “up sale.” during my time at sww i attended a presentation by a will writer (the only advisor in his practice) and he described the approach he took to selling plans and as i listened i hung on his every word.

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Initially, he explained, he had trouble selling plans and saw them as an add-on product rather than core to his product portfolio.

changed the approach he took to selling the plans by increasing his knowledge of the plans and then held the discussion as part of taking instructions for the will. this resulted in an increase in the number of plans he sold. As far as I remember, he was selling almost a plan a week with his new strategy – a £25,000 difference in revenue compared to one or two sporadics a quarter.

The impact of this increase in revenue could have an incredible effect on the transformation of a micro-organization (smaller side of the SME market). it could provide income to employ someone, it will certainly provide enough money to review a website and provide a marketing budget, and you could also enjoy a lovely vacation, all without too much trouble.

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The key to being able to increase the sales of your funeral plan is in the knowledge of the product. Understanding the market, your product and its benefits will certainly give you confidence and trust you sell. With the gentleman in the example I gave above, he was thorough in his investigation of him. he talked to funeral planning companies, funeral directors and used the questions he had faced before to make sure that if he was ever asked the questions again, he would know exactly how to position his answer. Sound like a lot of work when you’re already very busy? In partner training sessions with Fortis Law, we discuss the Fortis Funeral Plan and its place in the market. after the session you will know what makes this product key to your client’s solution and what to look for in a funeral plan provider.

It is also important to know that your plan provider has guaranteed payouts, there is no limit on the distance a client’s body can be transported, and they also pay a good fair commission. If you’re not yet submitting fortis funeral plans, then they’re worth considering.

In addition to being confident in your product offering and knowledge, it’s important that you don’t miss out on any sales opportunities. Make sure you capitalize on every potential customer. return to the client when you say you will. If the customer needs time to think about the product, schedule a call to answer any questions they have, don’t push to sell, and highlight how this product solves the problem the customer has brought to your attention. Ultimately, the harsh reality is that we are all going to die, and setting funeral costs at today’s prices can save considerable amounts of money when you consider rising costs.

It’s also worth considering that clients may appreciate the flexibility when planning their funeral. Not all clients have liquid assets with which to pay for a funeral plan in full, and having the ability to pay for your funeral over a fixed period of time can be a blessing. with a fortis funeral plan, this is not a problem. customers can spread the cost of their plan over a period of time, which ensures it’s affordable, but also means they don’t miss out.

  1. product knowledge
  2. capitalize
  3. flexibility

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If you’d like to find out more about fortis funeral plans and want to start earning £650 per plan sold, talk to our team. you can call the office or better yet talk to me (tom stansfield, fortis law business development manager) and I can book you a free training session, walk you through the plan, or walk you through how to submit a plan.

we provide brochures for your clients, all clients get excellent after sales service including a funeral plan package, certificate of entitlement and flexibility to add to the plan in the future if they wish.

visit our website for more information.

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