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when will I receive my renewal quote?

Your renewal invitation quote is generated around 28 days prior to your renewal date.

If you previously chose to receive your documents by email, they should arrive the same day.

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while documents sent by post may take up to 7 business days to arrive.

once you have received your renewal package, please check that all the details are correct. If there are any changes you’d like to make, or if you’d like to discuss your renewal, please call us on 0330 053 0239. We’ll be happy to help.

Where can I find my renewal policy documents online?

If you previously chose to receive your documents by email, they should arrive about 28 days before your renewal date. remember to check your spam folder.

You can find and print them through your online account. Sign in with the email address and password you used to create the account.

or, if you haven’t already, it’s easy to sign up for an account.

I haven’t received my renewal invitation yet. should I call you to renew?

If you’re worried about your renewal, call us on 0330 053 0239 to make sure it’s on its way. We usually send your renewal invitation about 28 days before your renewal date.

Where can I find proof of my no-claim discount?

Your no-claim discount is shown on page 3 of your renewal invitation, or is on your cancellation letter if you canceled your policy before your renewal date.

Allow up to 7 business days for your cancellation letter to arrive after you cancel your policy. we cannot issue an official letter as proof of your no claim discount until after your policy has terminated.

Can I renew my policy online?

Our online renewal payment service is available to some of our eligible customers who pay annually by card. your renewal letter or email will confirm if you can renew online.

I just got my insurance renewal in the mail or by email and it says I can renew online. how do i do this?

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To renew and pay online, just log in here and have your policy documents handy. Before you sign in, check that the cover still meets your needs and that the details are correct.

When can I renew my policy online?

You can renew online from the day you receive your renewal invitation until your coverage expires.

my renewal letter or email says I can renew online, but I need to make a change first. can i do this online too?

no, you can only renew online if there are no changes to your policy. If you have changes or the coverage in the policy no longer meets your needs, call us on 0330 053 0239 to update your renewal.

If I call you and make a change to my policy, can I renew online?

yes. If you’re not ready to renew on the call, you can renew online later, but only for the revised premium confirmed over the phone.

To see the new quote in your account, you will need to refresh the page or log in again.

I tried to renew online but I can’t log in to my account.

We’re sorry there was a problem trying to renew online. you can call us on 0330 053 0239 to renew, and we can also help you solve your login problem.

I have renewed my policy online but have not received a confirmation email. Am I covered to drive?

If you have opted to receive your policy documents online, you will receive confirmation by email within 24 hours. or if you choose to receive your documents by mail, they should arrive within 7 business days.

If you have not yet received an email or the documents in the publication, please call us on 0330 053 0239.

why can’t i renew online?

We are rolling out the renewal payment service to our customers in stages and will contact you to confirm when you can use this service.

payment in monthly installments. What happens if I cancel my policy?

The final installment is usually due the day before your policy expires, as payments are late.

If you canceled your direct debit before the last payment has been collected, please contact our installment team directly on 0344 871 0096.

Does canceling or renewing my auto insurance also cancel my breakdown coverage?

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If you purchased your auto insurance before December 30, 2021, then your breakdown coverage is a separate policy with a breakdown membership. canceling your insurance will not also cancel your membership.

If you would like to discuss renewing your aa break membership, please call the membership team on 0343 316 4444.

If you purchase car insurance on or after December 30, 2021, breakdown coverage is an optional addition to your car insurance policy. therefore, if you cancel your insurance, this will also end your breakdown coverage.

my policy should not be renewed but the vehicle or my details have changed.

If you would like to make a change to your policy, please contact our service team on 0370 533 2211. or you can email the team.

Can I stop my insurance from automatically renewing?

Yes, you can cancel the automatic renewal of your policy at any time after purchase. when you purchased your insurance, you could choose to automatically renew the policy using the same payment method.

To unsubscribe, you can complete this form or call us on 0330 053 0239.

We’ll still send you a renewal invitation, but you’ll need to contact us to renew your policy before it expires.

It is a legal requirement to have car insurance unless your car has been registered as an off-roader.

Can I opt for automatic renewal after I buy my insurance?

yes, you can subscribe at any time after purchase. Automatic renewal of your policy gives you the peace of mind of continuous coverage.

We’ll send you your renewal details before your insurance expiration date, and you’ll have plenty of time to contact us if you want to make a change.

To select automatic renewal, call us on 0330 053 0239.

can you also take care of my aa home insurance?

no, your aa home insurance renewal is handled by a different team. you can contact them on 0370 606 1617.

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