Georgia Insurance License Requirements

georgia department of insurance

how to get your georgia insurance license

1. complete an insurance pre-licensing course

  • life: 20 hours
  • accident & illness: 20 hours
  • property: 20 hours
  • low: 20 hours
  • personal lines: 20 hours
  • variable products: 8 hours plus life insurance license

    • classroom
    • online

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      • life and health: clu®, flmi
      • property & accident: cpcu®, cic, cisr, crm
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        all lines: university degrees in insurance

        • Applicants must attach a copy of the applicable designation/title to their license application to qualify for the exemption.
        • Successful completion of two insurance-related college courses in the lines of authority for which the applicant is applying may also qualify for a waiver.
        • Any applicant who has not completed the licensing requirements within 12 months of passing the exam will be required to retake the exam.

          2. pass your georgia license exam

          • Applicants submit the original certificate to the insurance department with their license application.
          • Applicants must pass the required licensing exam within 12 months of completing the pre-licensing course.
          • Beginning February 15, 2022: A candidate who fails an exam may schedule the reexam within one day, but must wait 14 days to retake the exam after exam attempts one and two. a candidate must wait 60 days after the third exam attempt and any subsequent attempts. there is no limit to the number of attempts a candidate can take the same exam. however, candidates taking an exam online are only allowed two attempts per exam. All subsequent exam attempts must be taken at a Pearson Vue Testing Center. there are no exceptions to this rule.
          • The state requires those who sign up for the live online premium package to answer attendance verification poll questions for the entire class live online for credit.
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            exam provider: pearson vue

            For a license information bulletin, visit the pearson vue website at

            To schedule an exam, contact pearson vue at or call 800-274-0488.

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            • government issued driver’s license
            • us state driver license department
            • us learners permit (plastic card with photo and signature only)
            • national/state/country identification card
            • passport
            • passport card
            • military ID
            • military ID for spouses and dependents
            • alien registration card (green card, permanent resident visa)
              • united states social security card
              • debit (ATM) or credit card
              • any form of identification in the main list
                • Studying is not allowed in the test center.
                • No visitors, children, family members or friends are allowed in the testing center.
                • No personal items are allowed in the testing room. personal items include, but are not limited to: cell phones, handheld computers or other electronic devices, pagers, watches, wallets, purses, firearms or other weapons, hats, bags, coats, books and/or notes, pens or pencils. .
                • Candidates must store all personal items in a secure area as directed by the administrator, or return items to their vehicle. all electronic devices must be turned off before being stored in a locker. the test center is not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced personal items.
                • Dictionaries, books, documents (including the draft), and reference materials are not permitted in the exam room (unless permitted by the exam sponsor), and candidates are strongly advised not to bring such materials to the test room. testing center.
                • Upon entering and sitting in the testing room, the test administrator will provide the candidate with note-taking or calculation materials and any other items specified by the exam sponsor. The candidate may not write on these items before the exam begins or remove them from the testing room.
                • It is forbidden to eat, drink, chew gum, smoke and/or make noises that disturb other candidates during the exam.
                • break policies are set by the exam sponsor. most sponsors allow unscheduled breaks. To request an unscheduled break, the candidate must raise their hand to get the administrator’s attention. the exam clock will not stop while the candidate is taking a break.
                • Candidates must leave the testing room during all breaks. however, candidates may not leave the floor or building for any reason during this time, unless specified by the administrator and exam sponsor. If a candidate is found to have left the floor or building, they will not be allowed to proceed with the exam and may forfeit their exam fees.
                • While taking a break, candidates can access personal items that are stored during the exam only if needed, for example, personal medications that need to be taken at a specific time. however, a candidate must receive administrator permission before accessing personal items that have been stored. Candidates are not permitted access to other items, including but not limited to cell phones, test notes, and study guides, unless specifically permitted by the test sponsor.
                • any candidate found to be causing a disturbance of any kind or engaging in any kind of misconduct, giving or receiving aid; use notes, books, or other aids; take part in an act of identity theft; or remove test materials or notes from the test room—you will be summarily removed from the test and reported to the state licensing agency. decisions on disciplinary action are the responsibility of the state licensing agency
                • 3. obtain fingerprints

                  4. apply for georgia insurance license

                  5. plan to complete required insurance continuing education (ce) credits