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If you’re looking to make it in the towing world, you’ll need a constant supply of towing jobs. One way to keep towing jobs stable is to get towing contracts, which means you have an agreement with someone else to do the towing for them. You will be required to comply with the terms and conditions of the contract to tow for that company, but first of all, you may be wondering where to obtain these towing contracts. Let’s go over 6 different places that could offer contracts for your business.

6 places to get towing contracts.

here are a few different options to get towing contracts:

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  • municipalities (city/county)
  • roadside assistance/motor clubs
  • police departments (county/state)
  • local businesses (malls/apartment complexes/public parking)
  • repo
  • insurance companies
  • Now let’s take an in-depth look at what towing means for each of these places.

    1. municipalities. (city/county)

    municipalities (cities) are often in dire need of cranes. Many cities hire outside towing companies to help with vehicles improperly or illegally parked or abandoned on city property. you might be able to help with that – the city will call you and you’ll take care of the job.

    Another reason cities may need tow trucks is accidents. depending on the jurisdiction, cities will be responsible. this is also called rotation. They’ll need tow trucks to help clear cars after accidents or mechanical breakdowns on local streets and highways, and they’ll need the scene to be cleared and cleaned up safely. (Sometimes the police are also involved in this process).

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    Regardless, municipalities are always in need of quality towing services to help keep the streets safe for all drivers. check and see what requirements your city and county need to get a towing contract with them.

    2. roadside assistance or motor clubs.

    motor clubs offer emergency roadside assistance services. Member drivers simply call when they have car trouble and a tow truck or roadside assistance vehicle comes to the rescue. The job could be changing a flat tire, battery jump, lockout, or towing a broken down car to an auto repair shop. the key component is the cranes. These motor clubs need vehicles and drivers to provide these services, so this could be a viable option for you. Keep in mind that motor clubs often require tow operators who work for them to carry specific levels of tow truck insurance.

    3. police departments (state/county)

    Police departments at the state and county level also need the help of two people. They need tow trucks to move cars they have impounded, move cars that broke down on the side of the road, or clean up an accident outside of city limits. therefore, law enforcement might be another option to consider getting a tow contract.

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    4. local business. (shopping malls/apartment complexes/public parking)

    Some businesses don’t allow parking between certain hours, so you may need a towing company to take care of the strange car parked on your property that shouldn’t be there.

    5. repository.

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    You might also consider going into a repository: collecting cars whose owners haven’t made their payment. Banks often send repo drivers to return vehicles if the driver hasn’t made payments.

    Please note that the repository carries a great deal of risk. people get angry when their cars are taken and may become violent with you or your driver. You could also get into a sticky situation if you accidentally take a car you weren’t supposed to (called a wrongful repossession). take it, which means that you have taken a car that has actually been paid for. however, unfair buyback insurance can help you and cover that particular risk.

    6. insurance companies.

    Many insurance companies offer roadside assistance services to their customers. They also need tow trucks to provide these services, so you might consider towing for an insurance company.

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    The towing business can obtain towing contracts to create a constant stream of business. There are many places you can consider when searching for contracts; it just depends on the type of work you want to do.

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