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does my auto insurance renew automatically?

yes, your policy will likely automatically renew on your policy termination date, unless you have specified that your insurer should not.

Auto-renew can be convenient as it prevents you from accidentally becoming uninsured, but it can also be costly. Sometimes insurers charge you more to comply, even if nothing has changed in your policy.

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Your insurer will send you a letter three to four weeks before your policy is due to end to let you know you need to renew and ask if you want to cancel.

Even if your policy auto-renews, you have a 14-day cooling-off period when you can cancel it, though you may be charged a cancellation or time-of-coverage fee.

You could set a reminder in your diary for when your insurance is due to avoid auto-renewal. this will give you time to take matters into your own hands: shop around for car insurance and see if you can get a better deal.

what if my car doesn’t have insurance?

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verify that your insurance is still valid and has not expired without your knowledge.

driving without insurance is illegal and the consequences can be serious.

1. you will get a fine

The fixed penalty for driving without insurance is £300. if they take him to court, the fine is unlimited.

2. you will get points on your license

In addition to the fine, you will get six penalty points on your license.

3. you could be banned from driving

If you go to trial, or if you are a repeat offender, you could lose your license.

4. your insurance premiums will increase

You will have to declare any points or convictions to future insurers, and they will increase your premiums for it.

can I drive without insurance?

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no, you are legally required to have at least third party insurance (tpo) to drive your car or park it on the street. Police can instantly check if your vehicle is insured using the mid.

can I leave my car in my driveway without insurance?

yes, if you don’t drive your car and you keep it in your garage or driveway, you don’t need to insure it.

You must first obtain an off-road legal notice (sorn) from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

If you don’t, you could be fined £100, prosecuted or have your car destroyed.

how can i check if my car is taxed and has mot?

  1. visit the government vehicle tax checker and use our mot checker to see when your mot is due
  2. find your most recent mot certificate
  3. verify that the government has not sent you a letter or email; you will do it when you have to pay your taxes
  4. what you can do if you have lost your insurance data

    if you checked out the medium and found you’re covered, then it’s a case of tracking down who your insurer is:

    1. check your bank and credit card statements to locate the insurance company or search your email inbox for “auto insurance”
    2. contact your insurer and explain the situation
    3. if you can’t find your current certificate of insurance, you can get a copy from your insurer, but you may be charged
    4. once you have your policy documents, keep them in a safe place
    5. Take a photocopy of your insurance certificate and keep it in the glove compartment of your car, or take a picture on your phone so you can quickly access it if you need to
    6. replacement of your insurance documents

      Of the 344 comprehensive car insurance policies listed in defaqto, 84% do not charge a fee, but 9% charge £15 or more to replace your insurance documents, so keep them safe![1]

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