How to become an insurance adjuster for state farm

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(image) Multiple outdoor shots of a state farm office building, campus, and surrounding area are seen. next, we see people walking through the building and across campus. we then see kord sitting at his desk.

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(text on the screen) how it is: customer service complaints

(speaker: kord) thanks for calling state farm claims. my name is cord. May I have your claim number?

(image) we see kord talking in a hallway and then working at his desk.

(text on screen) kord customer service complaints (speaker: kord) basically what we do is take calls from people who have accidents.

(image) we see christina talking outside a cubicle and then we see her working at her desk.

(text on screen) christina’s customer service complaints

(speaker: christina) we are here to fulfill the promise that our agents made to our clients. so when they are involved in a loss, it is our responsibility to explain your auto policy to them and help them to the best of our ability.

(image) we see jonathan speaking in a room and then at his desk.

(text on screen) jonathan customer service complaints

(speaker: jonathan), so it’s our job to listen, to be attentive, and to understand where they’re coming from.

(image) we see christina working at her desk and standing near it, and then working at her desk again.

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(speaker: christina) every call will be different. you can have something super crazy, where someone beat up a bear or something. so you never know what you are going to find.

(image) we see kord working at his desk and then talking in the hallway. below, we see several workers in their cubicles.

(speaker: kord) the first thing you need to do is make sure no one is hurt. you get past that point where there are no injuries or anything like that, then the next thing is basically to educate. You do not remember your policy at the time of the accident.

(image) we see jonathan working at his desk.

(speaker: jonathan) thank you very much for that, ian. It has been a pleasure talking.

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(text on screen) what to expect: • share empathy and care with the customer • contact center environment • multitask across multiple applications • be a resource to the customer • collect and document loss information • help people to recover from the unexpected

(image) we see scenes of a training, and then we see kord talking in a hallway. next, we see jonathan and another person working together.

(speaker: kord) we have a pretty solid training. That’s a lot of information to retain. then we go through what is kind of a bridging process, where we actually take phone calls and are supervised by people who have a great deal of experience and are there to teach us during that call.

(text on screen) Calls may be monitored or recorded for training purposes.

(image) we see christina working at her desk and then talking outside a cubicle. Next, we see a small meeting of workers, and then several other meetings with small groups of co-workers. (speaker: christina) so that our calls are recorded and monitored. so the feedback we get from them really helps us help customers on future calls. our group meetings are usually five to 10 minutes long, where our manager talks to us about what’s going on at state farm or in our department.

(speaker: kord) and I enjoy the people I work with. and as you grow, and as your team grows, and as your teammates grow, you see their progression too.

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(text on screen) what it’s like: • customer-focused • fast-paced • structured environment • making a difference • taking ownership of the call

(image) we see jonathan working at his desk.

(speaker: jonathan) Sometimes customers aren’t going to like the answers you give them.

(image) we see christina working at her desk.

(Speaker: Christina) Probably the last thing you wanted to do today was file a claim with your insurance company.

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(text on screen) things we expect from you: • active listening • critical thinking • problem solving • assessment of individual customer needs

(image) we see kord talking in a hallway and working at his desk. Later, we see Kord and a colleague interacting.

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(speaker: kord) It doesn’t matter if you have 30 or 40 calls a day, you should always remember that this is that customer’s first call with you.

(text on screen) what we offer: • comprehensive benefits • tuition reimbursement • community involvement • paid training • employment counseling • annual merit reviews and incentive opportunities • bilingual pay

(speaker: kord) I enjoy it. I enjoy helping people, even if it’s a 5-10 minute phone call. you are building a relationship with that person, helping them get through the day.

(image) we see people walking through the corridors in high speed movement. we then see employees on an upstairs balcony and an aerial view of the state farm building.

(text on screen) join our community of good neighbors. state farm logo applied today at

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