Save up to 50% on UPS insurance with Secursus

secursus saves you up to 40% and protects all your valuable assets up to £90,000 per pack.

If you’re looking for third-party insurance, you’ve probably already noticed that UPS insurance is very expensive and doesn’t cover certain types of theft-prone items. furthermore, the list of excluded goods is very long.

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on the other hand, secursus is an online insurance that insures 99% of the goods sold on the internet, even the riskiest: watches, jewelry, telephones, laptops, second-hand items, luxury items, etc. We offer coverage of up to €100,000. this coverage includes full reimbursement of the value of your product in the event of loss or theft. If your item is damaged in transit, our insurance will pay the repair value if your item can be repaired. if it cannot be fixed, you will receive full compensation. Insuring with us also means you won’t need to disclose the actual value of your package to UPS (except for customs purposes where required). This means UPS delivery personnel will not be able to tell if there is a valuable item or product inside your package.