How much would insurance be for a new driver

If you just passed your exam, you might be surprised at how expensive insurance can be down the road.

There is no way to escape insurance and unfortunately new drivers will have trouble escaping high premiums.

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However, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for high insurance premiums – there are things you can do as a new driver to keep insurance costs down. Keep reading to learn how to get cheaper car insurance if you’re a first-time driver.

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  • how to compare car insurance quotes for new drivers
  • insurance options as a new driver
  • Why is car insurance so expensive for new drivers?
  • How can I get cheaper auto insurance as a new driver?
  • what is the best type of insurance for a new driver?
  • how to compare car insurance quotes for new drivers

    1. click the get a quote button below; then they’ll take you on our auto insurance comparison tour.

    2. enter your personal data: we need details about your car and about you to get the cheapest quotes.

    3. Compare quotes and select a policy: We’ll show you a range of new driver insurance offers, comparing quotes from over 100 providers*** across the market. all you need to do is select the policy that’s right for you, and you’ll soon be on your way!

      insurance options as a new driver

      New driver insurance

      When you’re a new driver looking to insure your first car, there are a few different options you have depending on your circumstances.

      black box insurance

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        have a telematics device installed in your car that tracks how much you drive and your driving style.

      • A great way to keep your premiums low when you’re a new driver.

      • can be used if you have your own car.

        When starting out as a new driver, black box insurance is a fantastic way to lower your insurance costs.

        An intelligent telematics device, or ‘black box’, will be installed in your vehicle and will track how much you drive, how fast you drive, how you corner… quite a lot!

        This information is then sent to your auto insurance provider. they can then adjust or offer lower premiums by comparing your driving data to national statistical averages.

        Then if you are confident in your ability to drive carefully and sensibly, black box (or telematics) insurance may be a smart option to save some money on your premium.

        designated driver insurance

        • Being named on someone else’s insurance policy often gets you a cheap car insurance deal.

        • other people on the insurance policy will not be affected if you need to claim, and vice versa.

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          Not a viable option if you don’t have your own vehicle.

          Designated driver insurance is essentially where you are named on someone else’s policy (perhaps your parent’s or partner’s car insurance policy).

          It’s a great way to gain access to lower premiums, especially if the person whose insurance is naming you has an excellent no-claims bonus history.

          This is typically the preferred option for those looking for young driver insurance, but it’s not just for young drivers – if there’s someone you live with or know you can share an auto insurance policy with, this is it. a viable option to find cheaper car insurance.

          beginner driver insurance

          • specialized insurance for beginning drivers who have not yet passed their exam.

          • Save money while learning to drive.

            Although learners are the least experienced drivers, their premiums are not really the highest.

            When you’re learning, you’ll have an experienced driver in the car with you. you are also likely to drive much more slowly and carefully than many who have passed the test. Because of this, many insurers will offer lower premiums on car insurance for new drivers than they will as soon as a new driver has passed their test!

            This is only a viable option for new drivers who are currently learning to drive.

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