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what does taxi insurance cover?

To carry contract and reward passengers, you need taxi insurance.

This applies to both public hire taxi drivers who pick up passengers on the street and private hire taxis who collect pre-booked fares.

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There are three main types of insurance you will need for a taxi:

insurance for your vehicle

all taxis must be insured. Insurance levels for your vehicle include:

  • only third parties: the minimum required by law. this covers damage to other vehicles and third party liability in the event of an accident, but does not cover damage to your own taxi
  • Third Party Fire & Theft: Same as Third Party coverage, but also provides coverage for fire damage to your taxi and theft of your vehicle
  • comprehensive: adds coverage for damage to your own taxi in the event of an accident
  • Get an instant quote for your taxi insurance.

    Don’t be tempted to get the cheapest taxi insurance coverage without considering what it covers. Exclusive third-party coverage can leave you out of pocket if you have to make repairs to your taxi, or if you write it off after an accident. full coverage is often cheaper than you think.

    If your business has 3 or more taxis to insure, choicequote also offers taxi fleet insurance. this may be cheaper and easier to manage, with multiple taxis and drivers on one policy.

    civil liability insurance

    This provides coverage for claims for injuries to passengers and other members of the public while driving your taxi. this is included as part of your policy with most insurers, or can be purchased separately. If in doubt, check the policy wording before purchasing, or contact us to confirm your coverage.

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    There is more information about what liability insurance covers below.

    taxi base insurance (taxi office insurance)

    If you have an office to control your taxi reservations, the base taxi insurance covers your buildings. You may also purchase employer liability coverage (for alleged personal injury claims) and civil liability insurance.

    what vehicles can I drive?

    choicequote provides coverage for a wide range of rental and reward vehicles, including:

    • black cabs/rental cars
    • uber taxis (or other booking apps)
    • private hire taxis
    • regular sedans
    • minivans (up to 8 seats)
    • minicab
    • ask for a quote and check in minutes how much it will cost to insure your taxi.

      Who can take out taxi insurance?

      You can get coverage if you meet the following criteria:

      • are between 23 and 75 years old
      • have a public hire taxi license plate, or
      • have a private hire taxi card
      • drive an uber
      • I just got your taxi card
      • have driving claims or convictions
      • choicequote offers competitive quotes from a variety of insurers. we consider your individual circumstances to find the right policy at the right price from our insurance panel.

        Get an online quote for your taxi now and see how affordable your next policy can be.

        how much does taxi insurance cost?

        taxi insurance with choicequote starts from just £13.25 a week.

        This depends on several factors:

        • your age
        • vehicle type
        • vehicle age
        • your location
        • your driving experience
        • length of taxi plate
        • no claims bonus duration
        • any reported accident or claim
        • motoring convictions
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          Each quote we provide is carefully prepared to consider your circumstances and meet your needs.

          Coverage for taxi bases (or taxi offices) starts from as little as £350 a year. again, costs may vary depending on:

          • customer access to your facilities
          • property size
          • property location
          • staff members
          • Which local authorities does choicequote cover?

            We provide cover for taxis throughout the UK, including major areas such as:

            • belfast
            • birmingham
            • brighton and sussex
            • bristol
            • cambridge and east anglia
            • cardiff
            • devon & cornwall
            • edinburgh
            • glasgow
            • leeds
            • leicester
            • london
            • manchester
            • merseyside
            • newcastle
            • nottingham
            • sheffield
            • feed
            • york
            • This list does not cover all areas. Wherever you have your credential, you can request a quote online and see how much you can save.

              what is liability insurance?

              When driving a taxi, members of the public can bring claims of injury against you.

              Similarly, if you have a taxi base and allow access to the public, they could claim you for alleged injuries or personal damages suffered on their premises.

              Liability insurance protects you against the cost of defending claims and compensation for successful claims.

              cover can be provided for up to £10 million. it is often included as part of your taxi vehicle insurance and as part of a base taxi policy when the public arrives at the location.

              Employer’s liability insurance offers the same coverage, but protects you against claims from employees who work for your business.

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