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drivers convicted of certain serious driving offenses in arizona must apply for an sr-22 insurance document to reinstate their licenses after they were suspended. this form certifies to the mvd of arizona that you meet the state’s requirements for liability insurance.

how to get sr-22 insurance

The process of obtaining an SR-22 for your auto insurance is fairly straightforward. if you already have active coverage, you can call your current insurer and request to add an sr-22, which will be sent to az mvd.

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However, you may need to obtain a new insurance policy, as many insurance companies will cancel your coverage after learning of your new SR-22 requirement. Even if your insurer doesn’t cancel your policy, your rates are likely to increase after a major driving incident, such as a DUI. It’s a good idea to check with several arizona insurance companies to find the lowest rate.

When collecting quotes, be honest about your situation and answer questions related to your conviction. Some insurers explicitly ask if you need an SR-22, while others only ask about the circumstances that would lead to needing one.

Also, not all insurance companies offer SR-22 policies, so you may need to check with multiple companies to find an SR-22 insurance provider. Another option to consider is the Arizona Auto Insurance Plan, a special program that matches high-risk drivers with willing insurers.

how long will i need the sr-22?

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Generally, you will need to keep an SR-22 on file with Arizona Motor Vehicle Services for three years before you can cancel the certificate. If you allow your insurance to lapse or your coverage to be canceled (due to non-payment, for example), you may have to start the process over.

once you have reached the three year threshold, double check with the az mvd that you no longer need to have the policy. then call your insurance company to cancel the sr-22. You must have the SR-22 registered for three continuous years, not just the three-year period after your license was revoked. If you mistakenly cancel your SR-22 too early, you could be penalized or required to renew your certificate for another three-year period.

the average cost of sr-22 insurance in arizona

sadly, you will most likely pay a lot more for insurance if you need an sr-22. Drivers who need SR-22 insurance can expect their rates to increase by 40% on average, after just one DUI.

Progressive offered the lowest rates for Arizona drivers requiring an SR-22, averaging $1,164 for an annual quote. in addition to offering the lowest absolute price, progressive also had the smallest percentage increase for our sr-22 controllers: 33% after a dui. usaa rates increased 166% for a driver who needs an sr-22.

Our list of insurers below compares the average annual rates for a 30-year-old man with and without an SR-22 statement and a DUI conviction. You should always compare multiple quotes between insurance companies to make sure you are choosing the best option.

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the best method to find cheap sr-22 insurance in arizona is to compare multiple quotes from different insurers. Each insurance company has its own way of assessing risk and charging rates, so shop around to find the cheapest sr-22 coverage for you.

when do i need sr-22 insurance?

in arizona, an sr-22 is a document that an insurance company submits to the state motor vehicle services. the document verifies that you have purchased insurance coverage; Your insurer must also notify the Arizona MVD if your insurance policy is cancelled. If you have an SR-22 filed with the state, you’re often described as having “SR-22 insurance,” even though it’s not technically a different type of insurance.

There are a number of serious driving violations that may require you to file an SR-22, the most common being DUI and driving without insurance.

however, a judge may decide to require you to obtain an sr-22 in other situations as well, such as if you have too many points on your license or too many unpaid fines.

reasons you may need to file an sr-22:

sr-22 insurance for non-homeowners in arizona

If you don’t own a car, but got a DUI while driving someone else’s vehicle, you may need to get an SR-22 to get your license back, even if you didn’t have insurance before. In this case, you will need to purchase SR-22 non-homeowners insurance.

Non-owners coverage is often cheaper than regular auto insurance because it doesn’t include coverage for one vehicle. It’s also cheaper because it assumes you won’t be driving as often as someone who owns a vehicle and drives it regularly.

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