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That’s 28% less than the next cheapest option and 37% less than the average rate in the state, $18 per month.

Choosing the right renters insurance is all about combining good rates with support options and reliable customer service. To help you strike that balance, we’ve compiled over 150 Ohio quotes and compared the coverage features of some of the largest insurers in the state.

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cheapest renters insurance in ohio

The average cost of renters insurance in Ohio is $18 a month, or $221 a year, which is more expensive than the average cost in the United States: about $187 a year.

the difference between the cheapest and most expensive renters insurance in ohio is $184 per year. this highlights the importance of comparing prices to get the best deal.

best renters insurance for most people: lemonade

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Lemonade is the cheapest renters insurance for most Ohio renters, and has a convenient online experience. a typical policy costs $12 per month or $139 per year. The cost of lemonade topping is 37% cheaper than the Ohio state average.

Although basic lemonade coverage will be enough to meet the needs of most Ohio renters, you can upgrade your policy with some add-ons. These include identity theft protection, coverage for backup water, and replacement cost coverage.

Ohio renters looking for a company with good customer service and a convenient online experience should consider Lemonade. The company is highly rated for customer satisfaction by J.D. power, and its app lets you quickly get a policy or file a claim.

One drawback to that digital approach is that you won’t be able to work with an agent face-to-face. you will have to manage your policy or claims by phone or online.

best renters insurance for complete coverage: travelers

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People looking to get the most protection from their policy for a reasonable price should consider renters and travelers insurance. Travelers policies include the option to add coverage for equipment breakdown, identity theft, and replacement cost coverage.

You can also add identity theft protection and additional coverage for valuable items to your policy.

The average cost of renters insurance for travelers is $16 per month, or about $195 per year, topping nationally as the second cheapest policy in ohio. Since the cost of renters insurance can vary depending on your location, we recommend that you compare their quotes yourself.

Travellers biggest drawback is their customer service. The company ranks last in customer satisfaction at J.D. power survey, but receives fewer complaints than average.

best renters insurance for customer service: amica

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amica is the best option in ohio for renters looking for good customer service and the peace of mind that comes with it. however, it will cost a bit more for that convenience.

amica receives a low rate of customer complaints, only 12% of what an average company of its size receives. this indicates that the insured are mostly satisfied with their service. The company also earned a solid rating from valuepenguin editors for its complete product.

You’ll pay more for that service, since amica’s rates are 10% higher than the state average. the company offers a more limited set of additional coverages, with no option for water backup or equipment failure protection.

renters insurance rates in ohio: city by city

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columbus and cleveland, two of the largest cities in the state, have rates that are more expensive than average, but cincinnati rates are 3% lower than the state average. Where you live can greatly affect rates, as crime and weather can make your coverage more expensive.

customer service: best renters insurance companies in ohio

Both companies receive a low rate of customer complaints, according to the NAIC, and each have high ratings from the editors of ValuePenguin. usaa is also the leading company in j.d. power’s annual survey of customer satisfaction with renters insurance.

Good customer service is crucial after something happens to the house you rent. an easy experience with helpful staff can get you back on track faster and reduce some of your stress.

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We collected renters insurance quotes for a 25 year old single renter. We collected over 150 address quotes in Ohio and calculated an overall average cost as well as typical costs for each insurer. our sample profile was insured for $30,000 of personal property coverage, $100,000 of personal liability, and $1,000 of third party medical payments.

The cost of renters insurance depends on several factors, including your location, the amount of coverage you choose, and your claims history. consequently, your quotes may differ slightly from ours.

We considered three main categories to determine the best renters insurance in Ohio. The best renters insurance providers tend to set themselves apart from the competition by having high ratings in these areas:

To construct our customer service rating, we use three measures to compare companies’ customer service reputations: the naic complaint index, j.d. the power is american home insurance study: renters insurance and ratings from valuepenguin’s own editor.

NAIC Complaint Rate: The National Association of Insurance Commissioners calculates a company’s complaint rate by comparing the number of complaints filed against the company to its market share. The NAIC uses 1.00 to represent a typical company’s complaint rate, which means that companies with scores above 1.00 receive more complaints than expected.

j.d. power us homeowners insurance study – renters insurance: this study ranks renters insurance companies based on customer feedback.

valuepenguin editor rating: our editors rate companies based on their rates, coverage offering, and customer service. this gives you a general idea of ​​the type of company that protects your property.

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