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Personal injury protection, or “no-fault” auto insurance, is required by the state of Florida for all drivers to carry. pip pays for injuries you sustain in an accident regardless of who was at fault in the accident. Like other states that require PIP, Florida has its own set of special laws and regulations.

what does florida pip cover?

Just like in new jersey and michigan, florida pip covers medical costs, lost wages, and death benefits.

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medical expenses

Most medical costs will be covered by PIP, with the exception of popular but not widely accepted practices such as acupuncture. In other states, PIP will generally cover injuries to anyone in your household, but in Florida, you can choose whether you want your PIP to cover only you or other residents in your household. the following are eligible for a pip claim:

what sets florida apart from other states is that pip will only cover 80% of your medical costs. so if you have injuries costing $10,000, pip will only pay $8,000 of that. additionally, if your injury is not considered an emergency, you will only be entitled to benefits worth $2,500. If you have a good health insurance policy, you may be able to take care of the rest of the costs, but you should make sure it covers car accident injuries.

florida pip and economic benefits

if you are injured in an accident and disabled, florida pip will pay 60% of your lost wages, subject to a limit of $10,000. This payment also includes services that you would normally provide, but are now unable to because of the accident. These services include daily tasks such as laundry, cleaning the house, taking care of pets, etc.

florida pip death benefits

If the policyholder were to die, pip would pay for their funeral and burial expenses in addition to the benefits listed above. you or your next of kin are entitled to $5,000 for those associated costs.

how much does a pip cost in florida?

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In Florida, the minimum and maximum amount of pips you can have is $10,000. To lower the cost of your premium, you have several options. You can choose a higher deductible, the maximum of $1,000. When you get a quote, you can choose to exclude job loss or if you want your PIP to cover the residents of your household. in any case, we recommend that you compare the quotes of several local insurers to obtain an affordable rate.

The following are examples of auto insurance quotes from a 30-year-old Jacksonville driver, where prices reflect the state average.

Choosing a higher deductible is often the best way to lower your premium. Opting out of your job only removes a modest amount from your annual fee. however, before you opt for the $1,000 deductible, remember that you will still be responsible for the 20% of your medical bills that your pip will not cover. make sure you can cover those charges and pay $1,000 out of pocket.

when and how to file a pip claim in florida

florida has strict rules to follow when filing a pip claim. Most importantly, treatment for any injury must occur within two weeks of the car accident to be eligible for PIP reimbursement. your claim will not be accepted after two weeks. Due to a high incidence of insurance fraud in the state of Florida, your insurer has up to 60 days to investigate your claim for any misrepresentation, but must pay your damages within 30 days, even if suspected.

If your case isn’t easy, or your insurance company is giving you trouble, it may be a good idea to hire a personal injury attorney to make sure you get paid. In the meantime, you should keep a record of all your post-accident medical expenses.

For job loss benefits, you will need to submit a “wage and salary” verification completed by your employer. the verification documents your wages in the 13 weeks prior to the accident. an attorney could help ensure that your employer completes the verification in a timely manner. You may also need to get a note from your doctor detailing how disabled you are.

florida pip law still gives you the right to sue

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No-fault states like Florida institute PIP laws to reduce the number of people suing each other for damages. Most no-fault states, including Florida, only allow drivers to file a lawsuit when the injuries are considered severely disfiguring and/or permanent or resulted in death. Florida, however, also allows drivers to sue even if the injury is not serious, as long as the medical costs exceed $10,000.

then if you are injured in an accident that results in $20,000 in hospital bills, you can sue the other driver for the remaining $10,000 not covered by your pip. You can also sue them for any emotional pain and suffering you think the injuries have caused you.

Keeping in mind that the average hospital stay after an accident is around $60,000, it’s probably a good idea to have a good amount of bodily injury liability coverage on your policy. Although Florida does not make such coverage mandatory, if you are sued for excessive medical costs, the other driver can sue against your bodily injury insurance, rather than you directly.

why you should also consider adding medical payments coverage

medical payments or medpay is essentially the same type of insurance as pip except that it has no financial benefits. It may be worth having on your Florida policy because the limits are quite low. medpay can add an additional $5,000 of coverage for about $100 per year for our 30-year-old sample driver.

plus, medpay can help pay for the 20% of your costs that pip won’t cover if your health insurance doesn’t cover it either. medpay can also help lower your pip deductible.


To determine the average price of pip coverage in florida, we compiled sample quotes for six different levels of coverage: pip policies with or without job loss coverage, with $0, $500, and $1,000 deductibles.

Our sample driver is a 30-year-old man who lives in Jacksonville, Florida.

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