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  • Free £10 million liability insurance offers £10,000,000 of free liability insurance, underwritten by markel international insurance company limited, for all children > qualified , babysitters, babysitters, private tutors, maternity nurses and nursery nurses who are gold members of

    free professional liability insurance

    The policy also includes £100,000 of free professional indemnity insurance for childminders, nannies, maternity nurses, private guardians and child nurses

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    Free £10 Million Third Party Liability Insurance

    If you are a registered childminder and employ up to 2 employees, assistants or apprentices who work under your direct supervision, you can also receive £10,000,000 of free employer liability insurance . To qualify, you only need to provide us with your Employer Reference Number (ERN), unless you are exempt from requesting it.

    free legal defense coverage

    Members of our insurance plan receive free coverage for legal expenses and access to a 24-hour legal help line.

    the legal expenses coverage policy is underwritten, managed and administered by markel international insurance company limited.

    lost income & suspension cover

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    Policy now includes loss of earnings & hanger cover for nannies, nannies, private tutors and maternity nurses. coverage not included for members only in the nanny category.

    If you are unable to work due to a business interruption, then cover up to £20,000 may be available.

    If your registration as a childminder (eg ofsted) is suspended by your regulatory body, cover of up to £2,500 may be available.

    free access to the law center valued at over £200

    law hub provides access to over 1000 free samples of legal contracts, letters, templates and legal guides created by a team of expert lawyers.

    complies with ofsted, care inspectorate and eyfs requirements

    public liability cover meets the requirements of ofsted and care inspectorate scotland & Wales, and is available to members located throughout the UK, including Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    full wording of the policy

    Please read the full policy wording for details on exclusions and information on what is not covered by the policy.

    claims case studies

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    You can read some case studies of the outcome of actual claims that have been made under the insurance scheme. Does your insurance company provide the level of coverage and service that you deserve?

    Any questions?

    We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the liability insurance offered.

    If you have any queries about insurance coverage, please contact in the first instance via our website. We respond to all inquiries the same day.

    Do not contact insurance underwriters directly unless you have a claim or want to access the legal help line.

    terms and conditions conditions and general exclusions

    Liability insurance is available to individual gold members in the Nanny, Nanny, Nanny, Private Guardian, Maternity Nurse and Nursery Nurse categories only. once you are covered under the policy, any changes to your account that would disqualify you from cover will result in your cover lapse immediately. if your gold membership expires, your coverage will cease immediately. When submitting your details to apply, you must provide your correct full name and complete address. if you change your name or address, you must notify us immediately. applications with invalid or non-current names and addresses will not be valid and you will not be covered. coverage is available only to individuals and not to providers working in partnerships or businesses.

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