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is lantus covered by insurance | how much does lantus cost without insurance? | how to get lantus without insurance

lantus (insulin glargine) is a brand-name, long-acting insulin that helps control blood sugar levels in people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes mellitus. Long-acting insulins are an essential part of blood sugar control. blood glucose. As basal insulin, they help control blood sugar throughout the day, while rapid-acting or short-acting (prandial) insulins help control spikes in blood sugar after eating.

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lantus is taken as a subcutaneous injection once a day at the same time every day. doses will vary. lantus is an expensive insulin, but insulin glargine can be purchased as a generic. There are no long-acting insulins that can be bought without a prescription, but over-the-counter intermediate-acting insulin approved by the FDA can be purchased as basal insulin at walmart.

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is lantus covered by insurance?

Most insurance plans and Medicare Part D cover a lantus prescription. Many Medicare Part D beneficiaries pay $50 or less, but those who qualify for Medicare’s low-income subsidy can pay less than $10 for a month’s supply of lantus. the cost is even lower for those who receive medicaid.

how much does lantus cost without insurance?

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People without insurance coverage will generally pay the full cash price of lantus, around $357.62 for a 10 mL vial containing 1000 units of insulin glargine. the monthly cost will depend on the prescribed dose. A dose of 10 units per day will cost $108 per month, but at 80 units per day, Lantus will cost around $858 per month when purchased in a vial or $853 when purchased as Solostar injection pens. for some people, daily doses may exceed 100 units per day.

insulin glargine, however, is available under other brand names and as a generic. Price comparisons are difficult because not all insulin products are sold in the same amount or concentration. Based on the price per 100 units, generic insulin glargine and at least one other brand-name version, Basaglar, can be purchased at a significant discount compared to Lantus. Other brand-name versions of insulin glargine, Semglee and Toujeo, are slightly more expensive. lantus can be substituted for two other long-acting insulins: levemir (insulin detemir) and tresiba (insulin degludec). both, however, retail for a higher price than lantus.

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how to get lantus without insurance

Insulin is a life-saving medication, but it can be difficult to afford month after month without insurance. Many pharmaceutical companies offer manufacturer coupons or patient assistance programs, but not everyone will be eligible. however, there are ways to save money on insulin, starting with a single care savings card.

1. use a singlecare savings card

A singlecare discount card can reduce the cost of lantus from $35 for 100 units to $22 for 100 units, a discount of 33%. the discount price, however, will vary by pharmacy, so a local pharmacy may select a lantus coupon or best price.

2. look for a health insurance policy

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Insulin therapy is often an expensive, lifelong project. Paying for health insurance that has a reasonable deductible is often the best way to pay for insulin. The best place to start looking for health insurance is your state’s online health insurance marketplace.

3. sign up for medicaid or chip

if you qualify for medicaid or if your child qualifies for the children’s health insurance program, a monthly lantus prescription will cost only a few dollars a month, no matter how much insulin is needed. both are run by the government and have income eligibility requirements, but these requirements have been relaxed in recent years. Call your state health department or visit your state’s Medicaid website for additional information.

4. ask the prescriber about patient care

Your prescribing health care provider may be able to help you enroll in the Sanofi Aventis Insulin Patient Assistance Program. Restrictions apply, but eligible patients will only pay $99 for a monthly supply of sanofi insulin.

5. ask your doctor about generic lantus

Substituting generic insulin glargine for lantus could cut the monthly cost by two-thirds, from $35 per 100 units to $13 per 100 units. combined with a single care discount card, generic insulin glargine can be purchased for as little as $9 for 100 units.

6. switch to over-the-counter insulin

Ask a healthcare professional for medical advice about substituting intermediate-acting insulin for long-acting lantus. it may not be appropriate for some people, and switching to a different type of insulin will require more daily doses.

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