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By law you need motorhome insurance, which will set you back around £350 for a popular motorhome that is a few years old and valued at the low £40,000. however, the cost of RV insurance will vary based on factors such as the value of your RV, where you keep it, safety features, and the number of drivers on your policy.

See how RV premiums can vary based on these parameters, or compare them to the cost of RV insurance, which is typically cheaper. Using our analytics can help you identify a good deal when you see one, but keep in mind that these are just sample quotes and your premium may vary significantly based on your details.

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average cost of motorhome insurance

According to our research, the average cost of cheap motorhome insurance is around £350 for our sample driver with a motorhome valued at around £49,000. Generally speaking, RV insurance premiums increase with the value of your RV; Like the cost of auto insurance premiums, RV premiums are typically higher for more expensive vehicles, as they present a greater risk to insurers if damaged or stolen (i.e., vehicles more expensive they cost more to repair or replace).

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here are sample premiums for our sample driver for some of the most popular motorhomes in the uk, as determined by our motorhome insurance partner quotezone:

for example, a two year old bessacarr e454, swift escape 684 or roller team sapphire (valued between £40,000 and £40,000) costs around £315 to insure each year, while a hymer 374 or More expensive dethleffs (costing around £53k and £65k at 2 years respectively) would set our driver back close to £395 for insurance, an additional premium charge of around £80 a year for these more valuable models .

cost of motorhome insurance with additional security elements

While installing safety features costs money, these costs may be partially offset by lower RV insurance premiums. for example a 2 year old quick escape with a factory fitted alarm normally costs around £314 to insure our driver. However, when you add a wheel clamp the premium is reduced by around £7. Adding a tracking device may be the best way to reduce your premiums; for example, adding cobra tracking reduced the premium for our sample driver by around £30 to £285.

cost of motorhome insurance per storage location

Where you store your motorhome has a big impact on the cost of insurance, because location determines the risk of theft. for example, our tests showed that insurance was around 16% cheaper when parking at home in a closed garage than on the street in front of your house. If you store at a RV storage site, you’ll find that insurance premiums vary significantly by site, reflecting the experience an insurer has had (for example, previous break-ins). For our sample driver, the cheapest RV insurance was when their RV was kept at home in a locked garage.

cost of motorhome insurance with additional drivers

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Adding drivers to your RV insurance policy typically increases the price, which gradually increases with each driver. our sample driver would need to pay an additional premium of up to £40 to add a driver with a good driving record and experience behind the wheel of a motorhome, however the additional cost will depend on the value of your motorhome, annual mileage, additional driver’s driving record, etc. most insurers allow you to add up to four additional drivers, some allow up to six.

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To arrive at our average cost analysis, we gathered dozens of online RV insurance quotes. We quote policies for five of the UK’s most popular motorhomes:

unless otherwise stated, motorhomes are driven by a 35 year old primary driver with a good driving record and no motorhome ncd but 5 years car ncd, come with factory installed security, are stored in a gated driveway, and they are 2 years old. We averaged the 5 cheapest quotes we could find to give an idea of ​​what an RV owner would have to pay for a policy.

Cheaper policies often offer fewer features. The best policy for your needs may cost more or less depending on your profile, the details of your motorhome and the type of policy you want, when you take out insurance, etc. use the data in this article as an informative guide only to see how premiums can vary depending on various factors.

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