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The average price of home insurance in Virginia is $1,290 per year. however, cost is only one of many factors that determine the best policy for you. We’ve collected thousands of quotes in hundreds of zip codes from the best homeowners insurance companies in the state to see how they compare in terms of cost, reliability, customer satisfaction, and coverage options.

best cheap home insurance in virginia

the cheapest home insurance in virginia

american family has the cheapest homeowners insurance in virginia, averaging $745 a year. farmers and farm bureau also offer average rates less than $900 per year.

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Virginia’s average home insurance rate is $1,290 per year, about 15% cheaper than the national average of $1,516.

best virginia home insurance for most people: american family

american family (amfam) has the best home insurance for most virginia homeowners, with the lowest rates, convenient online tools, and highly customizable coverage.

At $745 per year on average, american family home insurance policies cost nearly half the state median price. amfam also offers a number of additional discounts to help you save even more, including a decreasing deductible, which lowers your deductible by $100 for each year you don’t file a claim.

amfam offers three main levels of coverage, along with add-ons you can get for an additional fee, including rare options like Matching Siding Protection, which pays up to $20,000 to replace damaged and undamaged siding to match what you want. as close as possible as possible.

american family received about 20% fewer complaints than similar insurance companies. This means that owners are generally happy with American Family’s customer service.

american family has a convenient mobile app, where you can file and track the status of any claim, pay your bills online, and view your ID card. Unfortunately, American Family does not offer instant online quotes for Virginia policies, so you’ll need to contact an agent to get home insurance quotes.

best customer service: agricultural office

farm bureau has the best customer service for homeowners in virginia and receives only 2% of the customer complaints expected from a company its size. With such a low number of complaints, it is clear that most owners are happy with the service they receive from the farm office.

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At less than $900 per year, the farm bureau fee is nearly a third cheaper than the state average. While you can get some standard discounts, like a new home or package discounts, the Farm Bureau doesn’t offer many unique options for homeowners to save money on their policies.

farm bureau also offers all standard household coverage, providing coverage for your home and personal belongings. the company offers limited additional options, including:

best home insurance for military families: usaa

The best homeowners insurance option for members of the military and their families in virginia is usaa. usaa has highly regarded customer service and a variety of coverages designed for members of the military.

usaa personal property coverage protects your belongings, even in war zones, while most homeowners insurance companies specifically exclude active war areas from coverage. Also, your home insurance deductible does not apply to claims for your uniform while on active duty.

Unfortunately, usaa is only available to people who have served in the military or have family members who have been customers of usaa. usaa also offers very few discounts to lower your rates, and while it has very strong overall coverage, such as total replacement cost and homeowner’s coverage, there are limited add-ons to increase your home’s protection.

best home insurance for high value homes: chubb

chubb has the best home insurance for high value homes in virginia, providing highly customizable coverage.

chubb home insurance averages $964 per year, but you can find a wide selection of discounts to save, including discounts for new or renovated homes or for burglar and fire alarms.

While this protection is impressive, chubb policies have a high minimum coverage requirement, meaning you must have a high-value home or property to cover to be eligible for these policies.

The most notable feature of chubb home insurance is that the basic coverage includes protection for:

You can also pay for a number of add-ons to further enhance your policy, including flood and equipment breakdown insurance.

virginia home insurance rates by city

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belmont is the cheapest city for home insurance in virginia, with an average rate of $987 per year, while virginia beach is the most expensive city, with an average of $2,184 per year, almost 70% more expensive than the state average.

best homeowners insurance companies in virginia

rie and state farm also have high customer satisfaction scores among the best homeowners insurance companies in virginia.

Most Common Home Insurance Risks in Virginia: High Winds and Flooding

virginia faces a significant risk of hurricanes and other ocean-related storms due to its location on the east coast of the us. uu. these can cause damage from wind, rain, and flooding, and while they occur mostly in the summer and fall, other storms like the Northeast can strike at any time of the year.

is wind damage covered by home insurance in virginia?

With more than 500 reports of high winds in Virginia, wind damage causes more than $4 million in damage to Virginia homes each year.

If your home is more likely to suffer wind damage, you may want to take steps to protect it. You can do this by pruning branches from nearby trees, or you can make sure dead or decaying trees are removed before they do any damage to your home.

is flood damage covered by home insurance in virginia?

Forty-seven counties in Virginia reported flash flood damage last year, totaling more than $2.66 million in damage for the entire year.

If your home is at high risk of flood damage, you’ll need to obtain an additional flood insurance policy to cover the potential cost of damage to your property. You can purchase a policy through a private insurance company or the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

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To find the best home insurance in the state, we compared quotes across Virginia for a home built in 1982 worth $273,100, based on age, and the median value of Virginia homes, based on the latest U.S. census data.

Homeowners Insurance Ratings are created based on a combination of complaint data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the J.D. powers valuepenguin’s own customer satisfaction survey and editorial ratings.

valuepenguin’s analysis used insurance rate data from quadrant information services. These rates were obtained publicly from insurer filings and should be used for comparison purposes only; your own quotes may be different.

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