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Is citalopram covered by insurance? | How much does citalopram cost without insurance? | how to get citalopram without insurance

citalopram is the generic version of the brand name celexa. both are prescription drugs used to treat clinical depression (major depressive disorder). Citalopram belongs to a well-known group of drugs called SSRIs, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. the “serotonin” in the name refers to a chemical in the brain that transmits signals between nerves. By increasing serotonin levels in the brain, citalopram helps activate parts of the brain important for mood regulation and control. Citalopram is a long-term treatment. Most people will take a 20- to 40-mg tablet once a day for at least six months to help treat symptoms of depression. some will take longer. Fortunately, generic citalopram is often an affordable drug. however, since it is taken over several months, people without insurance must find ways to save money.

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Is citalopram covered by insurance?

citalopram is usually covered by private health insurance, employer health insurance, medicare part d, medicare advantage, and medicaid if prescribed for depression. people with health insurance will pay less, but the out-of-pocket cost will be different for each person based on the insurance plan’s formulary, copay cost, and deductible, but many insurance companies generally classify citalopram as a tier 1 drug with low copay.

how much does citalopram cost without insurance?

Without insurance, a 30-day supply of citalopram costs an average of $42 at full retail price. while affordable, this adds up to nearly $250 for six months of treatment.

Generic citalopram is one of the lower-priced SSRIs, but it is only FDA-approved to treat depression, not other mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders or bipolar disorder. SSRIs are generally equally effective and have many similar drug interactions and common side effects, including nausea, dry mouth, and drowsiness. however, the only ssri priced lower than citalopram is trazodone. a health professional could also substitute lower-priced antidepressants called tricyclic antidepressants. however, before making the decision, always seek medical advice first about the pros and cons of less expensive prescription drugs.

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It can be tempting to consider over-the-counter remedies for depression. Some over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements, and natural remedies can help improve mood in people with mild or transient depression. for a major depressive episode, however, only prescription antidepressants have been shown to be effective.

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prescription drug prices often change. these are the most accurate drug prices at the time of publication. the price indicated without insurance refers to the price of brand name drugs. the individual care price indicated refers to the price of generic drugs if they are available. click the link under “savings options” to see up-to-date drug prices.

how to get citalopram without insurance

citalopram is a lower priced ssri. however, that doesn’t mean uninsured patients should be content to pay full price. after all, this drug is taken for several months, so paying the cash price can add up. six months of treatment can cost $250, while one year costs $500. Some people may get lucky and qualify for a manufacturer’s patient assistance program or find a manufacturer coupon or rebate. however, here are some safer ways to reduce the cost of citalopram therapy.

1. get citalopram at a discount with a singlecare savings card

A 30-day supply of citalopram normally costs $42, but with a single-care discount card, the price without insurance can be as low as $3. Although the discount will vary, citalopram can be purchased at most participating local pharmacies for between $3 and $9.

2. find the lowest price

The retail price of citalopram depends on the pharmacy. the average price is $42, but that’s just average. some pharmacies charge up to $60 for a month’s prescription of citalopram 20 mg tablets. some charge as little as $8 for the same prescription. a little price comparison could save you $52 a month. compare pharmacies on singlecare to find the best deal.

3. check prices in online pharmacies

Online mail order pharmacies tend to have some of the lowest prices for customers who pay cash. however, if you do find a good price, be sure to take a few steps to ensure the pharmacy is legit and safe.

4. check discount programs at local clinics and hospitals

Some local health clinics, health centers and community hospitals sell subsidized generic drugs to low-income patients. Start by asking a health care provider or local health officials for a list. the next step is to research the income eligibility criteria and enroll with one of those providers.

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