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victoza (liraglutide) is a brand-name prescription medication used to lower blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes, as well as reduce the risk of cardiovascular events, such as heart attacks, in people with diabetes. type 2 and cardiovascular diseases. . Although Victoza lowers blood glucose levels, it is not FDA-approved to treat type 1 diabetes.

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People taking victoza will inject the dose under the skin (subcutaneous injection) once a day. doses start at 0.6 mg per day and increase from 1.2 to 1.8 mg per day. side effects may include injection site reactions, low blood sugar (hypoglycemia), constipation, nausea, weight loss, allergic reactions, and more seriously, gallbladder problems, pancreas problems (pancreatitis ), thyroid cancer, and thyroid tumors. victoza is an expensive drug with a no less expensive generic version on the market.

Is Victoza covered by insurance?

Most major commercial health insurance plans, Medicare Part D, and Medicaid plans will cover a prescription for Victoza. however, some insurance plans may require prior authorization.

how much does victoza cost without insurance?

victoza is an expensive drug. three auto-injector pens, each containing 18 mg of liraglutide, have a cash price of $1,346. at the lowest standard dose, 1.2 mg per day, that’s 45 doses at $30 per dose. at the highest dose, 1.8 mg per day, that’s 30 doses at $45 per dose. uninsured patients, then, spend between $209 and $314 per week. a full year of treatment with victoza could cost more than $16,000 at the highest dose.

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Victoza’s out-of-pocket cost for a health insurance plan will depend on the plan’s formulary, copay cost, and deductible. some insurance companies may not cover victoza, which could result in the patient paying full retail price.

victoza belongs to a family of drugs called glp-1 agonists. Some of these drugs are less expensive than Victoza, but all of them, unfortunately, are high-priced brand-name drugs. each is dosed on different schedules and each comes in different dosage strengths, so it’s helpful to compare prices by averaging the weekly cost of these prescription drugs.

There are other less expensive generic non-insulin alternatives to victoza, including metformin, sulfonylureas, meglitinides, alpha-glucosidase inhibitors, and bile acid sequestrants. if victoza and other glp-1 agonists are too expensive, it is worth seeking medical advice from a healthcare professional on the best and most affordable alternatives.

compare prices of victoza with related drugs

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Prescription drug prices often change. these are the most accurate drug prices at the time of publication.

how to get victoza without insurance

victoza without insurance can cost between $11,000 and $16,000 a year. even people with insurance coverage may have to pay close to retail price. here are some ways to get victoza without insurance:

1. start with a singlecare savings card

with a singlecare discount card, people can instantly save $400 off the average victoza price of $1,346, saving more than $5,000 a year. visit the singlecare victoza free coupon page and choose between the lowest prescription discount price or the most convenient local pharmacy.

2. ask your prescriber about the de novo nordisk patient assistance program

ask your healthcare provider about novocare, novo nordisk’s patient assistance program. the prescriber can help with contact information and additional information. there are income and other eligibility requirements.

3. buy health insurance

Many health insurance plans will cost less than a year of treatment with Victoza, especially when all other costs are added up.

4. look at medicaid eligibility

if health insurance isn’t manageable, look into medicaid. even if you qualify for manufacturer patient assistance, that may only be temporary. some medicaid plans cover victoza. In that case, a prescription for Victoza can have out-of-pocket costs of just a few dollars. check your state’s medicaid website for eligibility requirements. check with an agent to make sure the plan covers victoza.

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