How much does a defensive driving course reduce insurance

Taking an advanced driving course is a good way to increase your confidence on the road and could help lower your auto insurance.

With around 1,390 road deaths reported in 2021, it is as important as ever to drive safely, especially in difficult conditions.

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Here’s everything you need to know about the different driving courses you can take.

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what is an advanced driving course?

is a practical course designed to improve your driving skills. the goal is to make you a safer and more competent driver.

There may be a review of your current skills and teaching how to improve in areas such as:

  • remark
  • timing
  • road positioning
  • Your instructor may note any bad habits you’ve picked up over the years, such as driving with one hand on the gear stick.

    then you have the opportunity to put your skills to the test.

    Who can take an advanced driving course?

    Anyone with a full driver’s license can take an advanced driving course. this includes teens who have passed both the car theory test and the driving test, but would like to improve.

    this includes:

    • student drivers
    • young drivers
    • new drivers
    • Drivers over the age of 50 may also have lost confidence and need a refresher, if only to make sure they’re driving safely.

      Whatever your age or experience, upgrading your skills and knowledge could reduce your chances of having an accident. This could mean it’s less likely to affect your no-claims bonus, which could make your car insurance cheaper.

      can beginning drivers take advanced driver training?

      This type of course is aimed at drivers who have already passed their exam. So if you still have your license plates and your learner driver’s insurance, you’re not ready for an advanced course yet.

      Do advanced driving courses reduce car insurance costs?

      Passing an advanced driving test may lower your auto insurance costs, but it’s not guaranteed.

      How auto insurance is calculated involves many factors, and being an advanced driver won’t automatically lower your costs.

      but it could make you a safer driver, since you’re less likely to get into an accident.

      fewer accidents means your no-claims bonus has a chance to grow, which could mean cheaper premiums in the long run.

      dangers on the road

      Anything that might make you a safer driver would be worth considering, especially given the number of accidents on the roads each year.

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      the department for transport found that there were 119,850 road traffic fatalities in the uk in the year ending june 2021.

      Of them, 1,390 died and 23,140 were seriously injured. another 95,320 suffered minor injuries.

      what are advanced driving skills?

      The practical driving test is usually carried out under normal driving conditions. is a predefined route to give you an idea of ​​what it’s like to drive day to day. these are the fairest conditions for an examiner to take the test.

      advanced driving skills are those that come into play in difficult circumstances. these include:

      • be able to maintain control of the car while driving on snow and ice
      • driving in busy urban centers where the movements of people and cars are unpredictable
      • Improved observation, timing and positioning skills when driving on normal roads
      • what advanced driving courses are available?

        iam roadmart

        iam roadmart is one of the UK’s largest independent road safety charities. has been helping drivers and cyclists improve their skills for more than 60 years.

        They offer a variety of courses that can be tailored to suit your needs, depending on what you’re looking for.


        You can also arrange training through Rospa (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), which has also been a charity since 1916.

        rospa advanced drivers and passengers provide free training for drivers and drivers to improve their skills.

        These sessions can also prepare you to take Rospa’s advanced paid test.

        what is the pass plus driving course?

        One option is to look for a pass plus a driving course. This course has you driving in a variety of conditions so you can better tackle whatever the road throws at you. this includes:

        • driving on the highway
        • driving at night
        • driving in rain and bad weather conditions
        • driving in the city
        • drive on smaller country roads
        • You need a pass plus a registered instructor to teach you this driving course. the website can help you find your nearest instructor.

          the pass plus course is a 6-hour session. The good news is that there is no official test for this course, just a standard that you must meet for each module.

          Once you’ve met all the relevant standards, be sure to apply for the pass plus certification. you may need this to get cheaper car insurance, although this is not guaranteed.

          what is the iam roadmart driving course?

          iam roadmart has courses available for advanced drivers and advanced drivers. This is the only course accredited by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

          The course may take 3-6 months to complete, but once you have completed it, you should become a full member of iam. if you wanted, you could even give away an advanced driving course!

          What other alternative driving courses are there?


          rospa is a uk charity that works to deliver driving courses to reduce accidents on the road. one of the courses is an advanced outline of drivers and cyclists. This course aims to help you improve your skills and prepares you for the Rospa Advanced Test.

          There are over 60 local groups you can choose to join and pay to become a member. there is only a membership fee to pay, but there is no charge for the training itself. once you are ready to take the advanced driving test, you need to pay £67 for a car test.

          Membership has an annual fee of £40 and you are required to take the test again every 3 years to help refresh your skills.

          aa qualified driver lessons

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          aa driving school also covers advanced driving lessons. They do refresher lessons based on your needs and can take at least 2 hours to complete.

          If you feel unsteady driving on the freeway, you can also book specific freeway and expressway driving lessons.

          the aa also covers the pass plus the lessons.

          how much do advanced driving courses cost?

          iam roadmart’s advanced driving course costs around £175, at the time of publication. visit the iam roadmart website for more information on booking.

          pass plus costs vary depending on where you live, but you may be able to get a discount from the local council.

          Is an advanced driving course worth the money?

          You could be learning life-saving skills, and that’s invaluable.

          A skilled spotter should take you out 6-8 times to get an idea of ​​your capabilities.

          You can also practice specific skills like car control and timing. you can also learn how to deal with unpredictable conditions and road users.

          but whether all that extra experience is worth the money is entirely up to you.

          what happens if i don’t pass the advanced driving test?

          mistakes happen, but don’t worry, you can always pay for a new test.

          In future practice, your examiner may suggest that you focus on areas where you did not do so well.

          Are advanced driving courses the only ones available?

          no, there should be more options. these include assessment reviews for mature drivers, young drivers, and even non-members.

          currently £65 from iam roadmart.

          driving assessment of young drivers

          This is one way to build confidence if you’re under 26. not a lesson, but a relaxed 1 hour review.

          He goes out in his own car so an expert can see his driving style. they can also give you tips on how to deal with difficult road conditions you may not have experienced yet.

          mature driver review

          this gives you a reliable second opinion on your driving ability. an expert should be with you in your own car and give you their opinion.

          It’s something to keep in mind if you want to refresh yourself and give your confidence a boost.

          non-member driving test

          This is an informal 1-hour check with a qualified examiner in your own car. They watch how you drive and share ideas to improve your skills.

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