How Much Does an EpiPen Cost?

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Prescription drugs can be very expensive these days, and for some people, the cost can really add up. it is important to know how much the medicine that keeps you alive is going to cost. How much is an epipen going to cost you?

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Brand-name epipens, or epinephrine injectors, generally cost around $700, while generic versions cost around $350. the price depends on the brand and the pharmacy. Most insurance policies cover generic epinephrine injectors.

There are some types of epipens, which tend to cost more or less than others, and there is also a difference in cost depending on which pharmacy you use or whether you buy brand-name or generic epinephrine injectors.

what is an epipen?

epipens is a brand of epinephrine autoinjectors. epinephrine injectors are used to treat anaphylaxis. anaphylaxis is an extreme allergic reaction. Anaphylaxis can cause trouble breathing, which means if it’s not treated right away, you could die. People with severe allergies that can cause anaphylaxis tend to carry an epinephrine injector in case they are inadvertently exposed to what they are allergic to. having an epinephrine injector can save their lives.

when should you use an epipen?

It is important to use an epipen at the first sign of a severe allergic reaction. reactions can occur minutes to hours after exposure. it is important to know the symptoms to look out for, such as swelling of the throat, shortness of breath, redness of the skin and fainting. every second counts, so don’t hesitate to use your epipen when you need it most.

If you have a severe allergy that can lead to anaphylaxis, it is important that you carry an epinephrine injector with you at all times. If you are experiencing anaphylaxis, you or someone else can administer the epinephrine injector, which will treat the anaphylaxis and give you enough time to go to the hospital and completely reverse the symptoms. If you or a family member has a severe allergy and you don’t already have an epinephrine injector, you should get a prescription.

do you have to go to the hospital after using an epipen?

after using an epipen, you should always call 9-1-1 or go directly to the nearest emergency department or hospital. When you have a severe allergic reaction or are experiencing anaphylaxis, there is a chance that you will have a second reaction or the effects of epinephrine will wear off. when you go to the hospital, they will monitor you and find out if you need additional medications.

You’ll want to have another epipen with you and stay close to the hospital for the next 48 hours in case of another emergency.

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how do you store an epipen?

You should keep your epipen at room temperature (68 to 77 degrees) and out of direct sunlight. epinephrine should not be exposed to extremes (too hot or cold) for long periods of time. For this reason, you should not leave your epipen in the car during hot or cold weather.

To ensure your epipen has been stored correctly, check the solution in the viewing window and replace if discolored or cloudy.

Epipens expire, so it’s important to know the expiration date and set a reminder for when it’s time to get a new one. the expiration date of the epipen refers to the last day of the month.

how to use an epipen

It is important that you know how to administer the injector you have. you can’t practice using it, as that will deplete the dose, wasting a lot of money. however, you can read the instructions on the packaging or on the injector itself. You can also watch a video if you don’t understand, as some of the epinephrine injectors may have more complicated instructions than you expect. you probably won’t have time to figure out exactly how to use it when your throat is closing up.

types of epipens

The two main types of epipens are regular injectors and children’s injectors.

Each brand will work in a certain way and deliver a different dose. Different types of epinephrine injectors are activated in different ways. some of them also take longer than others to deliver all the epinephrine; some only require you to leave the needle on for 2 seconds, while others take up to 10 seconds.

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Getting an epipen that injects too much epinephrine for the person using it can wreak even more havoc on an already stressful situation. make sure the epinephrine injector you buy is the right dose for you or your child.

standard epinephrine

Regular epinephrine injectors have a 0.3 mg dose of epinephrine, which is generally for people who weigh more than 66 pounds.

The standard epinephrine injector comes in a brand name (epipen) or generic version.

some injectors will also have longer needles. It may be important to keep this in mind, because whoever needs the epipen may also end up in a situation where they need to use it on their own body. if they are going to have a hard time sticking a longer needle in, you may need one with a shorter needle. you may want to discuss this with your doctor when you get your prescription.

epipen junior

Children’s epinephrine injectors have a 0.15 mg dose of epinephrine, which is generally for children between 33 and 66 pounds. children who weigh less than 33 pounds can receive a 0.1 mg dose, which is only available with auvi-q injectors.

Make sure you get the right dose for you or your child’s weight. too much or too little epinephrine can cause problems.

needle length for epipen jr is 12.7 mm, which was long enough to touch bone in 43% of subjects. “I’ve had three patients where the needle re-bends, so this happens,” said dr. Harold Kim, an allergist in Kitchener, Ont. “Fortunately, there is a fairly simple solution. I ask parents to squeeze the [thigh] muscle before giving the injection, so the muscle doesn’t get compressed. if the muscle does not compress, it will not touch the bone and the child will be fine”. Parents just need to be careful not to inject their fingers when giving epinephrine to their child.

children and epipens

If your child has a prescription for an epipen, a parent or caregiver should have it on hand at all times. If your child is in daycare or school, make sure their teacher and school have extra epipens and know how to use them. if children are old enough, they can carry a fanny pack or something similar so that it is always on their body in case of an emergency.

how much does an epipen cost without insurance?

Unfortunately, epinephrine injectors don’t come cheap. brand-name injectors typically cost around $700, ranging from $650 to $750. generic injectors are typically half the price, around $350, although the cost can vary more than $200 to $600 depending on the pharmacy and whether discounts apply.

The price range for epipens generally depends on the type or brand of injector you get. some brands will cost more than others. There are also different prices at different pharmacies, which tend to mark the cost more or less than others.

Which pharmacy has the best price for an epipen?

The cost of epinephrine injectors can vary by pharmacy. pharmacies are not going to charge the same amount to each other, although the costs will be quite similar for the same brands.

some will have more expensive brand name injectors and cheaper generic ones. some may have generic versions that are not much cheaper than brand name ones.

There are a few popular pharmacies that have fairly standard prices for epipens: cvs, walgreens, rite aid, walmart, and kroger. the average cost of brand-name epinephrine injectors at these five pharmacies ranges from $650 to $735. the cheapest average is $650 at cvs, and the most expensive average is $735 at walgreens.

The average cost of generic epinephrine injectors at those five pharmacies ranges from $320 to $530. The cheapest average is $320 at Walmart, and the most expensive average is $530 at Rite Aid.

The cost range for generic injectors is much wider than the brand name, but generic prices are almost always lower than the brand name.

epipen jrs or other lower-dose epinephrine injectors that are designed for children generally cost different amounts than regular epipens. at those five pharmacies, the costs for brand-name, lower-dose injectors range from $650 to $735.

the cheapest is still cvs and the most expensive is still walgreens, and the prices at those two pharmacies are the same regardless of dosage. however, at rite aid and walmart, prices are a few dollars lower.

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Costs for generic lower dose injectors range from $340 to $670. the cheapest is at cvs, which is the same cost as regular dose generic injectors. the most expensive is at stop&shop. The cost of the lower dose generic injector is lower than the regular dose at walgreens, but is actually the same or higher at all other pharmacies.

cost of an epipen per pharmacy

I’ve included a list of popular pharmacies in the US that offer generic and brand-name epinephrine auto-injectors. epinephrine auto-injectors usually come in packs of 2, containing 0.3 mg of epinephrine. this dose is for patients who weigh 66 pounds or more.

cost of an epipen jr per pharmacy

the epipen junior contains 0.15 mg of epinephrine. this dose is for patients who weigh between 33 and 66 pounds.

The cost of epinephrine injectors for children is actually not much different than the cost of injectors for adults. some pharmacies even tend to carry more expensive children’s injectors, though on average it only costs a few dollars more.

brand vs. generic

Brand name drugs are often more expensive than generic drugs. this is also the case with epipens. Generic epinephrine injectors tend to be about half the price of brand name ones. There aren’t as many differences between brand name and generic drugs as many people think there is.

Many people believe that brand-name drugs are more effective or safer than generic drugs. however, generic brands have the same active ingredients, qualities, dosages, strengths, and forms of administration.

The main difference is that generic brands don’t need to cost as much because the manufacturers didn’t need to test, but instead used the tests done by the brand name manufacturers. generic brands are just as safe and effective as brand name drugs. in fact, they are manufactured exactly the same way as brand-name drugs.

There are a couple of reasons why you might want to use a brand-name epinephrine injector instead of a generic one. sometimes there just won’t be a generic available in your area. Your local pharmacy may not stock generic epinephrine injectors. if a name brand epinephrine injector is your only option, obviously you should go for that option.

some people just don’t react well to generic injectors. this has less to do with the medication itself and more to do with administration. if switching to a generic brand may cause a bad reaction, although this is rare.

If you have problems with the generic drug, you should stick with the brand name so you don’t have the same reaction again. however, it will most likely not react any differently and the generic injector will work exactly the same as the brand name.

Doctors often prescribe a brand-name epinephrine injector. you may want to ask them to prescribe a generic injector instead. if you need to use a brand-name injector, your insurance may not cover it. insurance companies tend to prefer that you buy generic brands because it costs less money.

does insurance cover an epipen?

Since epipens cost a lot of money, it would be nice to have someone help with some of that financial burden, like your insurance provider. Your insurance policy will often cover some or all of the cost of certain prescription drugs.

Insurance policies will usually cover some of the cost of epinephrine injectors, but will usually only cover the generic type. Some will also cover the EpiPen brand of epinephrine injectors, but most will only cover generic epinephrine injectors.

Medicare may also cover epinephrine injectors, but only partially; The cost will vary depending on the insurance plan you have and the costs of epipens at the pharmacy you use.

If you are choosing an insurance policy and you are going to need to purchase epipens, you should definitely check which of the policies you are considering covers epipens.

You can also use savings cards or online coupons to find deals that lower the cost of epipens. if you use your epipen, you may also have the option to recharge it instead of replacing it, which will cost you less.

Epinephrine injectors end up costing a lot of money, so it’s a good idea to find ways to defray the cost you’ll have to pay.

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