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Finding out that your vehicle’s tires have been slashed can be a very stressful experience. As well as wondering who would have done such a thing, you now have a car that you probably won’t be able to drive until you can buy and install new tires.

After you get over the initial shock of finding your car damaged, you may be wondering if your insurance covers flat tires. it may depend on how the tires were damaged. Read on to learn how broken tire insurance works.

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Does car insurance cover flat tires?

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Fortunately, in most cases, your auto insurance will cover blown tires. Typically, you’ll need comprehensive coverage (more on this below), and your insurance company will conduct an investigation to help determine how your tires were damaged. To help with this process, you can take photos of your flat tires and note the date and time you discovered your car in its current condition.

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Once you have the necessary documentation, contact your insurance company. they will ask how and when the tires were damaged. if you are not sure, please let me know. If your vehicle was in an area where a riot was taking place, it is possible that the tires were damaged at that time. Please provide as much detail as you can to help your insurance company assist with the claims process.

What type of auto insurance covers flat tires?

If it is determined that your tires were cut during a riot or other type of vandalism, you will need comprehensive coverage for this type of damage. This type of damage is something covered by comprehensive car insurance. Comprehensive also covers damage from road debris, such as running over a nail. If your tires were damaged during a collision with another vehicle or object, you’ll need collision coverage.

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You may be wondering how many flat tires your insurance will cover. Ultimately, your insurance will cover all four tires if they are damaged in a covered event. As long as you have adequate coverage, you only have to pay your deductible to replace your tires.

How do I file a flat tire auto insurance claim?

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When it comes to knowing how to file a flat tire auto insurance claim, it’s important to call your insurance company right away. Not only will this help get the ball rolling with your insurance company, but it will also help make sure you don’t get denied for waiting too long to apply. be sure to call your local police department on the non-emergency number and have an officer come out and create a report. This way, you’ll have the documentation you need to file a report with your insurance company.

how much does it cost to replace slashed tires?

The cost of replacing tires varies. if you only had one tire slashed, you may be able to get by by replacing just one. you can also put in the spare and drive to the tire shop. If all four tires are ruined, then you’ll have a much higher bill to pay, including towing costs. the number of tires covered by insurance will depend on the circumstances. The make and model of your car combined with the size of your tires and the brand you choose will factor into replacement costs. According to consumer reports, minivan and sedan tires cost $137 each, and SUV tires average $162.

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It’s also worth noting that your deductible will count toward your out-of-pocket cost. When you set up your auto insurance policy, you selected a deductible that you would pay, typically between $500 and $1,000. if you have to replace a $100 tire, you won’t meet your deductible and you’ll have to cover this cost yourself. On the other hand, if you had four large truck tires shredded, it probably makes sense to file a claim.

does car insurance cover flat tires? the end result

trimming your tires will definitely put a dent in your day. But as long as you have the right kind of coverage, your auto insurance should take care of the damage. Once you confirm you have car insurance for blown tires and check your deductible, you can determine if it’s a smart move to file the claim or pay for new tires on your own.

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