How many sessions does insurance give for hand therapy

insured patients

I am recognized as a provider by all major health insurance companies (bupa, bupa international, axa ppp, norwich union (aviva), wpa, standard life, pruhealth cigna, saga, medisure, etc.) I will bill the insurance company directly , as long as you have obtained a “prior authorization”. Insurance companies generally require a referral from your primary care physician as a condition of the insurance policy. I would recommend that you contact your insurance company prior to your initial consultation and if surgery is planned. the insurance company will give you a pre-authorization number that will facilitate the bill payment process. Please bring your insurance details (policy number and authorization number) to your initial consultation.

If prior authorization has not been obtained prior to your consultation, you will be required to pay on the day (cash or check) and then bill your insurance company for reimbursement.

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self-financed patients

many uninsured patients now choose to pay for their own medical treatment privately.

For most procedures, assuming there are no medical complications, I will provide an accurate estimate before I begin any treatment.

Most private hospitals require full payment or a deposit at the time of treatment or before for self-funded patients. the hospital may require further payments on account with payment of the balance in full at the time of discharge. the value of the deposit will vary depending on the treatment and is at the discretion of the hospital providing the treatment.

arranging to pay for your treatment in advance will save you time on the day of admission.

procedure cost guides


initial consultation

The initial consultation consists of taking a history and an examination. if x-rays are required, these can be done in the office. if scans or other tests are needed, they will be scheduled at another time, usually within a few days. when manual therapy is recommended as part of treatment, in most cases it can be started in the clinic; my hand therapist runs a clinic in parallel with my clinic.

follow-up consultations

A follow-up visit discusses the results of examinations or tests and reviews patients who have had surgery or other treatment. my manual therapist will do some follow-up appointments, including some dressing changes and stitch removal.


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consultation fees

  • initial consultation fee: £300
  • follow-up consultation fee: £200
  • some queries are more complex and longer than others; the rate will be the same in both cases.

    fees for investigations (including x-rays), treatment and hand therapy are additional.

    outpatient procedures

    Injections, wound care, and some minor surgical procedures are performed at the clinic.

    my fee for steroid injection (tendon or joint problem): £150

    The clinic or hospital may charge their own fee for injectable medications and dressings.

    hand therapy

    Hand therapy is often part of the treatment of a hand injury or after hand surgery. Manual therapy is charged based on time required and is billed in 15-minute blocks. For self-pay patients, initial manual therapy assessment is £120 (up to 1 hour appointment). follow-up appointments are charged at £40 per 15-minute block; appointments are usually 30 minutes. the hand therapist will discuss with you how many treatment sessions are likely to be required. splints, casts and equipment are additional costs; splints cost between £23 and £34. the hand therapy is billed by the hospital, not by me. In most cases, private health insurance companies will pay for manual therapy treatment, but not for any splints or casts that may be necessary. costs are correct at time of writing, June 2019.


    surgical fees are broken down as follows:

    • surgeon fee
    • anesthesiologist fee
    • hospital fee (usually most of the cost). the hospital fee will include the cost of tests, eg, pathology.
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      These three fees will be billed separately.

      medical insurance

      I am recognized by all major health insurance companies. insurance companies have their own rate schedules and what is and is not covered by a policy varies widely. Some policies have excess or cap. I advise patients to check these things before proceeding with a consultation or treatment. patients must contact their insurance company prior to consultation or treatment and obtain an authorization number; this will allow me to bill the insurance company directly.

      It is a requirement of most health insurance policies that patients be referred to a specialist by their GP.

      Most insurance companies will pay the consultation and hospital fees in full, sometimes there is a shortfall in the surgeons fee. Insurance companies often don’t pay for splints or casts that may be needed.

      I can provide “surgical codes” and estimates of my fees if you need them.

      If there are shortages that are not paid for by your insurance company, they should notify you and you would be responsible for them.

      self-pay patients

      I can bill each part of your treatment as I do with insured patients or, in some cases, I can offer a ‘package price’ that includes my fees for surgery and follow-up visits (hospital and anesthetist fees are billed separately). I require that payment for surgical operations be made in advance.


      A deposit may be required to secure your operation date if booked well in advance and for patients abroad.

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