How long should you keep insurance on your cell phone

Mobile phone insurance may seem like an unnecessary added extra, but with some of today’s flagship smartphones costing upwards of £1,000, theft, loss or breakage can end up costing you a small fortune. here’s everything you need to know to help you decide if this is a policy you really need.

Is phone insurance necessary?

Whether or not you should buy phone insurance largely depends on how expensive your phone is, your financial position and your attitude towards risk. Try asking yourself this question: If my smartphone was lost, damaged, or stolen, could I repair or replace it and still have cash to pay for everyday essentials like groceries and bills? If the answer is ‘yes,’ or if, for example, you have an old phone that you could use until you can afford to replace your phone, then phone insurance probably isn’t something you need to worry about.

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Alternatively, try these: Am I prone to losing or breaking things? Do I tend to carry my phone in a coat pocket rather than a zippered bag (don’t judge me if you do)? If you suspect you might be a “high risk” phone user, you probably have more need for phone insurance than others.

tip from ghi: would you describe yourself as clumsy? If so, investing in a case and screen protector gives your phone a much better chance of surviving if you drop it. Here’s our pick of the best iPhone cases available.

what does phone insurance cover?

A good phone insurance policy will cover the cost of repairing or replacing the phone (although the replacement is likely to be a refurbished phone rather than a new one) if it’s accidentally damaged, lost, or stolen.

Many policies will also reimburse you for voice or data charges that accumulate on your account if your phone is lost or stolen. however, you must typically report the loss or theft to both the police and the mobile network within 24 hours of the loss or theft to be covered.

how much does phone insurance cost?

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Smartphone insurance can cost between £3.50 and £14 per month, depending on the cost of the phone and the level of cover the policy offers. For example, many providers charge extra for coverage against loss, theft, and water damage. Just like any other insurance, you will have to pay an excess if you claim. this can range from £50 to £125, so you’ll need to take that into account. most phone insurance policies require that this excess be paid upfront before your phone is repaired or replaced as well.

When should I buy phone insurance?

Most phone insurers will offer coverage for a phone you’ve purchased up to six months before the policy starts. If you’re thinking about getting insurance on your mobile network, you have even less time: Your policy will need to start within 28 days of buying your phone. however, gadget coverage accepts phones up to 18 months old.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that if you buy a second-hand phone from a friend, family member, or on an online auction site like eBay, you’ll have a hard time getting insurance. most policies only cover new phones, so you’re better off covering your phone through your home contents insurance or self-insurance (see below).

Should I buy phone insurance from my mobile network?

In general, getting phone insurance from your network provider is more expensive than coverage from an independent insurer (however, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, so be sure to research both options).

However, if you buy phone insurance from your network provider, you’re more likely to get a replacement phone quickly if the worst happens, and many ship a replacement the day after you file a claim. worth considering if you don’t have an old phone to use in case of a phone emergency.

check the fine print

Different insurers have different terms and conditions for their policies. While a policy may cover you for theft, you may not be covered if your phone is taken from a coat pocket or an unlocked vehicle because there is no evidence that force was used.

what about my home contents insurance?

You can also include your smartphone in the personal belongings covered by your home contents insurance. however, if you have an expensive phone, the cost this adds to your existing home insurance policy could be more than the cost of a stand-alone policy.

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Remember that if you claim for a lost, stolen, or damaged phone, you could lose your no-claim discount, further increasing the price of your home contents insurance.

Do I already have mobile insurance with my bank?

If you have a bundled bank account, where you pay a monthly fee for a number of benefits, you may already have mobile phone insurance. if you do, you may need to register your phone to be covered.


Self-insurance means saving money each month so you have a good amount of cash to replace or repair your phone. Calculate how much you need to save by comparing the cost of a comparable refurbished or second-hand phone on eBay or other online shopping sites. But remember, if your phone is stolen, you could end up paying any bills the thieves have racked up.

back up your data

Unfortunately, if your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, an insurance policy won’t bring back photos or personal data stored on the phone, so we can’t stress enough how important it is that you make a copy. security of your phone. find out how here.

if your phone is lost or stolen…

knowing your imei number will help you if your phone is lost or stolen. Your network operator can “deny list” a device based on its imei number and can contact other networks to do the same. This means the phone will no longer make/receive calls or go online via mobile network, even with a new sim card.

You can find your imei number by dialing *#06# on your phone.

It is also worth setting android find my device or find my iphone to identify your location.

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