How long does no insurance stay on your record

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what is an in10 conviction?

It is illegal to drive a vehicle on a public road, or even park it on the road, without at least the most basic level of auto insurance (third party insurance). an in10 conviction is the penalty for driving without insurance. In addition to points on your license and a court-imposed fine, an in10 conviction also means you’ll likely face more expensive car insurance.

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That’s where the full set of versions comes into play.

how can complete cover group help drivers with an in10 conviction?

If you have a conviction for driving without insurance, don’t despair. You can get affordable auto insurance even with prior motoring convictions in the comprehensive coverage group.

Our specialist brokers will work with a variety of well-known insurance providers, such as axa, aviva and zurich, to find you an affordable insurance premium.

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We understand that not all drivers with an in10 conviction deliberately set out to drive without insurance. A variety of situations can arise that result in an insurance policy being accidentally invalidated or not renewed on time, leaving you without insurance.

  • buying the wrong type of policy
  • failure to provide the insurer with important information about yourself or your car
  • unintentionally forgetting to renew a policy on time
  • Unreported Auto Modifications: You may not realize you need to tell your insurer about a particular modification. perhaps you were unaware of the changes made by a previous owner.
  • mistakenly believing that your own insurance covers you to drive other vehicles
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    why did the police pull me over for not having insurance?

    Police use license plate recognition cameras linked to a central database of insured vehicles to identify drivers who, in their opinion, do not have valid car insurance. You will be given seven days to provide evidence that he was insured at the time he was arrested.

    As we showed above, there could be several reasons why you accidentally became uninsured. He should review his policy carefully for errors and make sure no correspondence from his insurance company has been missed informing you that he has canceled the policy.

    what is the penalty for driving without insurance?

    driving without insurance can have serious consequences. At a minimum, you will be assessed a fine and at least six points on your license. If your case goes to court, the fine can be unlimited and you could even be disqualified from driving for more serious infractions.

    Police also have the power to impound the vehicle you were driving when you were stopped, impound it, or even destroy it in some situations. impounded cars will only be returned once you can provide evidence that you have purchased the proper insurance.

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    You may also be facing an increase in your auto insurance. some insurance providers may not even cover it at all.

    how long does an in10 stay on your license?

    an in10 endorsement will remain on your license for four years from the date of the violation.

    Do you have a criminal record?

    not; Driving without insurance is not a crime punishable by imprisonment, so an in10 conviction does not appear on a criminal record. however, as with any conviction, you must disclose it when applying for auto insurance.

    Does the comprehensive insurance cover you to drive other vehicles?

    This is a common error. It is true that some comprehensive policies cover you to drive other vehicles, but not all of them do. don’t assume you’re covered, as this may cause you to drive without insurance. check your policy wording carefully for details of restrictions.

    get the right coverage at the right price.

    at complete cover group we help drivers stay on the road, whatever their situation. If you have motoring convictions, we can help you find the right coverage at the right price. ask us for a quote.

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