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Retail giant Walmart offers a variety of health insurance products on its website through a partnership with Direct Health. the company partners with big names in the insurance and health care industry to provide coverage options across the country.

who is walmart?

walmart is one of the most recognizable names in the world and has grown to be the largest retailer among all its competitors. The company started as Walton’s 5 & 10, a discount store in the small town of Bentonville, Arkansas. The name change to Walmart took place in the 1960s, and statewide expansion was followed by national and eventually global expansion. Walmart also operates Sam’s Club, a chain of wholesale shopping stores.

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This once small retailer in Bentonville, Arkansas is one of the largest companies in the world today. in fact, as of 2016, it was the largest company by revenue.

While Walmart is primarily known for its discount shopping, the company has added a number of services to its stores over the years. Some of these services include:

  • access to an optometrist
  • access to a walmart pharmacy
  • assistance in obtaining medical care
  • Walmart does not actually underwrite any insurance policies or health plans, but does offer agents who can help customers obtain health insurance, including umbrella coverage and supplemental policies. Policies are underwritten by the various health insurance companies that Walmart partners with. These include Humana, Aetna, and UnitedHealthcare.

    customers can talk to an agent at a walmart store or go online to the walmart website (where you will be redirected to the health direct website) to shop for walmart health insurance plans.

    what walmart insurance products are available?

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    what insurance does walmart use? Does Walmart sell life insurance policies? As mentioned above, Walmart does not actually sell these insurance policies directly, nor does it underwrite or administer any of them. offer assistance in choosing an insurance policy through various health industry associations, promoting access to insurance by ensuring people don’t have to navigate this confusing process on their own.

    individual and family coverage plans

    through the direct health system, walmart customers can choose from a wide variety of individual and family coverage plans at all levels of coverage and cost. these plans are offered by big names in the health insurance market.

    Plans are available from Aetna, Humana, Coventry, UnitedHealthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield and more. Due to the wide variety of insurance policy options to choose from and the number of different companies involved, it would be helpful to check our reviews for each company individually and then compare plans and rates.

    medicare plans

    medicare advantage, medicare supplement and medicare part d plans are offered through the walmart associations. Again, there is a wide range of plan options and multiple different companies that offer coverage, whether you want to fill a donut hole, reduce out-of-pocket costs, or pay a lower price for your prescription drugs.

    To narrow down your choices, we offer specific medicare reviews of multiple companies in the healthcare industry.

    are the rates competitive?

    Due to the number of carriers and plans involved, we are unable to offer a rate comparison. In fact, Walmart Insurance Services only provides the opportunity to compare insurance plan options both by rate and coverage. Walmart is not a health insurance business and is not involved in the sale of insurance. instead, they simply help people find a provider or help them select the most affordable option based on their wellness needs.

    Although Walmart is known for its affordable prices, Walmart insurance services don’t actually offer additional benefits or discounts once you’ve selected a provider.

    How are complaints handled?

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    Claims will be handled directly by the insurance company through which you purchased your plan. Walmart itself has no direct connection with these companies and does not handle or assist with claims. instead, you can contact your licensed insurance agent or visit the website associated with the insurance business providing your coverage for information on additional options for filing a claim.

    Are consumer ratings and reviews positive?

    Because of Walmart’s position as a huge global retailer, it is very difficult to separate reviews of the company in general from reviews that may exist regarding its insurance services.

    Of the reviews that mention health insurance, the majority refer to plans offered by the company to walmart workers.

    Our research indicates that Walmart insurance agents are generally only available during open enrollment periods, meaning customers won’t have regular access to the agent. Coverage reviews are more likely to go to the actual insurance company than to Walmart.

    what is the end result?

    how good is walmart insurance? If you’re looking for help shopping for insurance during open enrollment, you can find it at Walmart. you can also shop online at any time.

    walmart doesn’t really provide any real coverage or services outside of help choosing a plan.

    if you think you need an agent’s advice to choose a plan and you’re not sure where to go, this service from walmart might appeal to you. otherwise, there are many other health services that provide the same access and information, which may have additional benefits when using their services.

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