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If you’ve been in an accident and your vehicle has been written off/totaled, you may be considering your insurance buyback options.

To help you understand exactly what an insurance cancellation buyback is and all that it entails, we’ve tried to answer as many frequently asked questions on the subject as possible.

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what is car insurance buyback?

After an accident, if your insurer advises you that your car (or truck) is a total loss, there may still be an option to buy the vehicle back and repair it yourself or sell it as-is for salvage.

If your car belongs to category s or category n (previously known as category c and category d), this means that the damage is still repairable.

If you don’t want your insurer to hold onto your car, you must accept a buyback figure, also known as a salvage deduction.

frequently asked questions about buyback

Can I buy my car back from an insurance company in the UK?

Yes, you can apply to buy back your car from your insurance company. You should do your research first, which includes looking at the category of the car and considering whether it makes financial sense to buy it back.

Can I buy back my car if it’s cancelled?

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Yes, if your insurer has written off your car as a total loss, you can request a buyback. Your insurer will provide you with the cost of maintaining your salvage vehicle, which you can sometimes negotiate. We recommend that you use our salvage calculator to verify the cost you are being quoted before making any formal arrangements.

Do I have to accept the insurer’s offer on a totaled vehicle?

No, you do not have to accept the insurer’s offer on your totaled vehicle. Insurers often come in with low valuations, so it’s worth negotiating, objecting, or even filing a formal complaint if you feel it’s necessary. Your insurer cannot take possession of your vehicle until they accept the settlement amount.

abi/lloyd’s salvage code says: “in the event of a dispute between the insurer and other interested parties regarding categorization, the matter should be escalated to an appropriately qualified person who assumes responsibility for the final decision” .

what does a wrecked car mean?

A wrecked car is one that an insurance company has declared to be written off as a total loss. this is usually caused by accidental damage, such as a road accident. it means that the insurance company has decided that repairing the vehicle is not economically feasible or cannot be easily or safely repaired.

an insurance advisor will calculate the value of your vehicle before the accident, as well as the cost of repairs and determine if it is a total loss. Generally, if the cost of the repair exceeds 75% of the pre-accident value, the car will be written off.

what is cil (cash instead)?

cil or cash in lieu is an offer that insurers sometimes offer without your car or truck being categorized. this is normally only reserved for when the repair cost is less than the actual value of the vehicle. the figure paid as a cash payment is the estimated cost of repair. if you choose this option, your vehicle will not be canceled or assigned a category marker.

what is pav (pre-crash value)?

pav or pre-accident value is the amount your vehicle was worth before it caused it to be damaged or written off.

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This is sometimes negotiable if you can show that similar cars are advertised for more money or that the “hats and glasses retail” is higher than your insurer suggests. It’s worth noting that if your insurer agrees to increase your car’s PAV, the buyback (also known as the salvage deduction) will also increase.

How much will I get for the repurchase of insurance?

If your insurer writes off your car as a total loss, you will be awarded a PAV, a salvage deduction, and an “amount due.” the amount to pay is the pav minus the salvage deduction, if you want to keep the car.

How can I calculate the repurchase value of the car?

We recommend using our salvage car calculator to find out the value of your car. just enter your registration and zip code to get an instant quote.

Can I keep my vehicle if the insurance company totals it?

Yes, if your insurance company declares your car written off as a total loss, you can claim a buyback or salvage deduction.

Should I buy back my wrecked car?

In some cases it may make sense to buy back your wrecked car, however it is not always the best option.

You should consider your car’s category marker, any hidden damage that may be discovered during repairs, and whether it’s a good fit for you financially. There is no single answer to this question. you need to do your research and think about what it means to you.

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Here at Junk Car Comparison, we want you to have a complete understanding of the insurance write-off buyback and salvage deduction so you can make an informed decision that works for you. Read the additional information in our insurance buyback center to gain the knowledge you need to negotiate with your insurer and get the most out of your canceled vehicle.

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