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many aspiring real estate agents, and even some current real estate agents, wonder how they will get a good health insurance policy. Many policies from health insurance companies are not geared toward self-employed individuals, as many real estate agents are.

However, there are several easy ways a real estate agent can obtain a good health insurance policy. These include working for a real estate agency, buying a private policy if you’re self-employed, getting government health insurance, or getting your spouse’s health insurance.

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To learn more about getting a good health insurance policy as a real estate agent, read on. Keep in mind that the methods discussed in this article are just some of the ways you can get a policy if you’re a real estate agent. if there is another option that works better for your situation, feel free to take it.

the importance of health insurance benefits

Health insurance benefits are as important to realtors as they are to everyone else. In this day and age when medical costs are so high, having health insurance coverage is absolutely essential.

In addition, it is now the law that everyone must have health insurance coverage. It can be a pain trying to figure out how to get coverage if you work as a real estate agent, especially if you’re self-employed, but it’s absolutely necessary. don’t try to go without health coverage.

Is it possible to obtain benefits through a real estate agency?

While most people think of real estate agents as self-employed, a large percentage of them are actually employed by real estate agencies.

Most of these real estate agencies will offer health insurance benefits to the agents who work for them.

the number of new agents working for real estate agencies is very high. Most self-employed agents are at a period in their careers where they can afford to purchase a health insurance plan privately. To learn more about buying real estate agent health insurance privately, see below.

How do self-employed real estate professionals get health insurance?

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Although many real estate agents are employed by an agency, there is a large percentage of agents who are self-employed. These real estate agents may have a little more difficulty finding an insurance policy.

however, it can still be quite easy to get a policy for self-employed people. all you have to do is compare insurance quotes online and buy a policy yourself from the insurance company you think best suits your needs. If you meet certain income requirements, you may even qualify for a federal tax credit that will partially subsidize your plan.

how do you buy health insurance online?

Nowadays, it’s fairly easy to buy real estate agent health insurance online. all you have to do is compare quotes and find the policy that best suits your needs. Remember, you shouldn’t just get the cheapest policy. you want to make sure you get good coverage too.

There is a wide range of plans available online, so you should be able to find the plan that meets both your budget and coverage requirements. Keep in mind that you may be eligible for large tax credits on your health insurance policy due to the Affordable Care Act.

To get these tax credits, you must meet certain income restrictions. Be sure to check and see what these income restrictions currently are, as they change frequently.

log on to the healthcare marketplace website at to start comparing health insurance rates from different insurance companies. Some of these plans will include dental and vision insurance, while in other cases you will have to purchase separate policies for dental and vision insurance options.

can you get health insurance from the government?

If getting insurance through a real estate agency or buying private insurance are not options, you may want to consider getting government insurance. Medicaid is the most common type of government insurance that realtors choose. Please note that Medicaid has very strict income requirements.

Best for young real estate agents who are just starting out and aren’t making a lot of money yet. Most real estate agents who opt for Medicaid see it as a temporary solution until they can afford a more comprehensive health insurance policy.

can it be added to your spouse’s health insurance?

The best option for your situation may be to purchase your spouse’s health insurance. obviously this is not an option if you are not married. however, if you are married and your spouse has health coverage through their job, you can always purchase their policy.

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The cost of your premiums will go up once you’re added, but it will be cheaper than having two separate insurance policies. Many real estate agents offered insurance through their agencies still opt for their spouse’s policy if they can get a good deal. don’t rule this out for health coverage.

how much does health insurance cost for real estate agents?

The cost of health insurance for real estate agents can vary widely, just like for people in other occupations. Generally, people who can buy their spouse’s policy end up with the lowest premiums.

People who get insurance through their agencies often have affordable health insurance too. Those who have to buy a private health insurance policy have higher costs on average, but Good deals can be found if you do your research by comparing insurance quotes online.

How can you plan for your health insurance situation as an aspiring real estate agent?

Many people aspire to be real estate agents, and some quit jobs that offer health insurance benefits to pursue a career in real estate. If real estate is your dream, then you must follow it. however, you should also have everything planned out before doing so. One of the most important things to plan for is your health insurance situation.

Keep in mind that you are not only fiscally responsible, but you are also legally required to have health insurance coverage at all times.

If you quit your job, you won’t be able to continue to receive health insurance benefits like you could if you were laid off. make sure you have another insurance policy ready and waiting if you leave a job to try to become a real estate agent.

how much does health insurance cost for a real estate agent?

If you don’t have health coverage through an agency and need to shop for your own coverage, the best thing to do is log onto and see what health plans are available to you and the pricing policies with the companies insurance companies that are known for their self-employment coverage, such as unitedhealthcare and blue cross blue shield.

How much you pay will depend primarily on your income, but the average insurance premium for a self-employed person in the United States is $484/month, and the average premium for a family is $1,230/month.

what is the end result?

In conclusion, there are several different ways for real estate agents to obtain health benefits. The right choice differs based on your personal situation, but if you’re smart and do your research, you can find a good health insurance policy. this is the case whether you are self-employed or work for a real estate agency that offers you health insurance benefits as part of your compensation package.

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