Coming soon: Individual and family annual renewal and discontinuation letters

We will be sending out our 2023 renewal and discontinuation letters for individual and family plans soon. These templates are provided by the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance (OIC) and provide details on plan rate adjustments as well as additional plan and enrollment information. include:

notification letter this letter provides information about:

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  • our projected monthly premium rates for 2023, incorporating annual age band changes
    • for trade-in plans, the premium rate does not take into account any assistance for which a member may be eligible. This information will be provided by the Washington Health Benefits Exchange.
    • For out-of-market plans, the premium rate does not include the dental premium if members are currently enrolled in one of the dental plans offered.
    • comparisons of benefits and cost sharing between 2022 and 2023
    • the plan change process, including required referrals to the ICO and washington healthplanfinder websites
    • non-exchange plan renewal notice catastrophic plan expiration notice for members exchange plan renewal notice

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      Cost Sharing and Plan Allocation Changes This document highlights cost sharing and benefit changes at the plan level from 2022 to 2023, as well as the plan available for 2023.

      the cover letter with flyer provides information about: