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how much does private healthcare cost in the uk?

Private healthcare costs in the UK depend on a number of factors, including:

  • where you receive treatment
  • what treatment do you need
  • with which consultant do you have treatment
  • You will find more information in our guide to paying for circle treatment.

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    If you’re looking at the cost of different health insurance plans in the UK, you can use an online comparison website or you can speak to an independent adviser. the price of health insurance will be different for each person.

    do you offer circle insurance?

    We do not offer our own private health insurance to individuals, however, you do not actually need private health insurance to access treatment with circle health group. you can simply pay for whatever treatment you need, as and when you need it.

    Learn more about paying for your own treatment.

    how do i get health insurance?

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    You can easily buy pmi online, either directly from a private health care provider or through a price comparison website. You can also go to an independent adviser, who will find the best offer for your individual circumstances.

    what does private health insurance cover?

    In general, private health insurance covers ‘acute’ conditions. That’s it; illnesses, diseases, or injuries that are likely to respond quickly to treatment and return you to the state of health you enjoyed before the condition occurred.

    I’ve had health problems before. Will that be a problem if I apply for a health insurance policy?

    Generally speaking, a new policy won’t cover problems you have now or have had in the past. however, insurers are becoming increasingly flexible in their approach to covering individuals and ask that you contact them in this situation and they will discuss the various options available to you.

    these may include:

    • covering you and excluding specific pre-existing conditions
    • including your pre-existing conditions at a cost
    • excluding prior issues for a period of time before full coverage is available
    • Are there any treatments that are not covered by private insurance?

      All policies are different, but in general, private health insurance is designed to cover treatment for short-term curable illnesses or injuries. it is not for ‘chronic’ conditions that are expected to need treatment over a long period of time. Most policies will not cover (but are not limited to) conditions such as normal pregnancy, drug abuse, organ transplants, dentistry, cosmetic treatments, infertility, mobility aids, HIV/AIDS, kidney dialysis, or A&E.

      what if I have a disability?

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      You will not be denied coverage because of a disability. however, like any other “pre-existing condition,” the policy may exclude treatment needed because of that disability. but it should be fair and reasonable for the insurer to do this.

      Does pmi cover cancer treatment?

      Private health insurance is great peace of mind if you are diagnosed with cancer – you know you can get expert care at what is obviously a very worrying time. You’ll find that some of the major private health insurance providers will cover all of your cancer treatment costs, even if your illness isn’t classified as ‘acute’.

      How can I be sure what is and is not covered by my private health insurance?

      Your policy will come with a full document, along with a summary of key features. this will clarify what is covered, what is not, and the financial limits for any claim. If you’re not happy when you first buy the policy, you can usually cancel it within 14 days.

      will there be a lot of paperwork if i claim my private health insurance?

      no, that’s highly unlikely. most insurers now use a paperless system, which makes the process efficient and simple.

      Will my premiums go up if I make a claim?

      Your insurance premiums may increase if you file a claim. details of this can be found in your policy. they can also go up over time, either due to inflation or because you’re getting older.

      If you receive your private health insurance through your job, there will be no change in your contributions as a result of making a claim.

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