Car insurance for young drivers who have had an accident

how will a previous claim affect my no claims bonus?

In most cases, when you make a claim on your auto insurance, you’ll lose some or all of the no-claims bonus you’ve earned, if you didn’t protect your no-claims bonus when you purchased the policy. . many insurers will reduce your claims by two years for each incident.

You can even lose your no-claims bonus when you’re not at fault, like if your car was vandalized. this will be because your insurer will not be able to recover its costs from the at-fault party.

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Getting hit by an uninsured driver is another example of where you could lose your no-claims bonus. Fortunately, this is becoming rarer as more insurers are introducing uninsured driver clauses, meaning your no-claims bonus is protected in the event your car is hit by an uninsured driver.

no claim, no blame

Even if a claim stemmed from an event that was absolutely not your fault, such as your car being rear-ended while stopped at a red light, you could lose your no-claims bonus. That’s because it’s a no-claims bonus, not a no-fault bonus, and it’s earned for every year you drive without filing a claim, regardless of who’s at fault.

how can i protect my bonus without claims?

You can also pay to protect your no-claims bonus so it will be maintained even if you file an at-fault claim.

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however, your insurance premium could still increase even if your no-claims bonus remains intact. this is because:

how can i save money on my car insurance if i have previous claims?

There are several steps that can be taken to lower the cost of auto insurance for drivers with claims. these include:

How long does a claim affect my auto insurance?

The duration of the impact of a previous loss on your coverage will depend on the insurer.

Most insurers will ask you about claims and accidents you’ve had over a set number of years, and won’t be interested in any claims made before this time. Typically, insurers will ask about the last five years, however some car insurance companies ask about the last three years, which might be worth looking for when you come to renew.

Remember, it’s crucial to be honest about any prior claims. if not and your insurer finds out later, your policy could be invalidated and any future claims denied.

How can I check my car insurance claim history?

The easiest way to check your auto insurance claim history is to ask your current insurer about any claims you’ve made to date. You can also ask your old insurer if it changed in the last few years.

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You will need to request a subject access request if you want more information. this gives you the right to find out what information a company or organization holds about you under data protection law.

In this case, I would make a request to the cue and cue exchange. this is the central database of all car, home, personal injury and occupational disease incidents reported by insurers in the uk. Your data is kept for six years from the date the claim was closed.

To access this information, go to the Bureau of Automobile Insurers website and complete a subject access request form.

what to do when renewing your insurance after making a claim

If you get an initial auto insurance quote online, be sure to call the insurer to discuss the details of your previous claim.

Some insurance providers may be willing to reconsider your premium in light of any additional information you can provide.

And, as always, searching for auto insurance quotes is likely to get you the best deal.

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